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AI Photo Booth

AI Photo Booth for Events

Patent Pending Artificial Intelligence Photo Booth Technology Powered by OutSnapped.com

Capturing Moments With

A.I. Photo Booth

Welcome to a new era of event entertainment. With OutSnapped's Patent Pending AI photo booth platform, you're not just capturing moments - you're creating unforgettable experiences.

Imagine your attendees stepping into our photo booth. In an instant, AI springs into action, understanding their unique attributes and applying custom filters, backgrounds, and animations that fit your brand or event. What emerges isn't just a photo; it's a captivating, themed visual that echoes the spirit of your event.

With each snap, your attendees don't just get a photo – they receive a piece of the event to share and cherish. Every visual is a passport to social media engagement, expanding your event's reach and buzz with the click of a button.

But our AI photo booth doesn't stop at creating engaging visuals. It's your ticket to insightful analytics, tracking the number of photos taken, shared, and the overall attendee engagement. With these valuable metrics, you're equipped to measure your event's success and plan future ones with precision.

OutSnapped isn't just a photo booth provider; we're your trusted partner in creating dynamic, engaging, and successful events. Let's take your event from memorable to unforgettable. It's time for you to outshine, outperform, and OutSnapped!Discover the Future of Event Photography with OutSnapped

SoFi uses OutSnapped's AI Photo Booth to redefine the face of finance

What is an AI Photo Booth?

An AI Photo Booth is a photo booth enhanced with artificial intelligence capabilities. It captures photos of users and then uses AI to digitally transform the photo in real-time based on pre-set or dynamic themes.

An AI Photo Booth is a photo booth enhanced with artificial intelligence capabilities. It captures photos of users and then uses AI to digitally transform the photo in real-time based on pre-set or dynamic themes.

Introducing OutSnapped's
AI Photo Booth Platform

OutSnapped's AI Photo Booth Workflow in 3 Simple Steps Capture, Customize & Share

AI Photo Booth in Three Simple Steps

Let the Photo and Video experience become your marketing team.

Snap, Process, Share.

1. Snap a Photo: The process starts with a simple click. Let your guests capture their best moments at your event.
2. Proprietary AI Magic: Our advanced AI platform takes over from here, processing each photo based on your specifications. Whether it's adding digital props or placing custom backdrops, your brand's touch will be on every picture.
3. Sharing Made Fun: Once processed, the fun-filled photos are ready for the guests to receive and share. With every share on social platforms, your brand's visibility increases, creating an online buzz that extends beyond the event.


Capture everything you need for post event marketing, while giving your audience the best onsite experience with your brand.

AI Photo Booth Simplified

What if a traditional photo booth got a high-tech makeover?

That's what OutSnapped's SnapShift.ai™ AI Photo Booth offers - an entertaining, personalized, and engaging experience for every attendee at your event.

Thanks to AI-enhanced features like facial recognition, customizable backdrops, and digital props, this isn't your typical photo booth. What if a traditional photo booth got a high-tech makeover? 

AI Photo Booth | SnapShift.ai Powered by OutSnapped
Photo Booth for Tradeshow
We work with our clients to create stand-out marketing experiences at every trade show to deliver maximum return on investment and guarantee:
We can save you time, money and resources with our interactive trade show solutions.
Photo Booth for Tradeshow
Brand awareness
User engagement
Digital content creation
Social sharing
GDPR compliant data capture
Post event content & reporting


  1. Customize
  2. Tap to Snap
  3. Share
  4. Reward Your Customer
  5. Event Marketing
Post-event you will receive all the 
user-generated content for your 
marketing & data for remarketing
Artificial Intelligence Photo Booth Before And After Examples
Tradeshow Marketing Activation
Small and mighty, packed with the latest photo technology, the OutSnapped is a must-have for any trade show or marketing activation.

Capturing and engaging your audience in spectacular selfies, users won’t be able to resist the ring of light that surrounds the photo and video interface. Once they step towards the light the experience truly begins.

OutSnapped will curate a completely custom experience to meet and exceed the requirements of your brand.

Get set to enjoy an immersive marketing experience like no other.

Create Infinite Possibilities from a Single Photo!

Using OutSnapped's AI Photo Booth, You Can Transform a Photo Like This:
Into Masterpieces Like These:
Customized Events Options by Outsnapped

1. Customize

We will customize the entire experience with the right product, animated start screens, photo and video overlays, digital props, landing pages, giveaways, surveys, and backdrops (If required)
Tap to Snap Outsnapped Experience

2. Tap to Snap

Users Interact with our AI Photo Booth and capture their still image, video, boomerang or GIF using an OutSnapped AI Powered Photo Booth before customizing it with digital stamps or props.
Customized Event with Outsnapped


Guests share their media creations via text or email for the world to see! Download the branded image and share it to social media straight from a smartphone or device.

THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOOTH: Discover how virtual photo booths powered with AI can help make your hybrid event or marketing campaigns more engaging and stand out from the competition - read our article now!
Reward your customers with fun games provided by Outsnapped

4.Reward your Customers

We can even incentivize survey participation or the sharing on socials with a giveaway.

TIP: Set up a contest where everyone who participates wins a piece of your branded swag and enters all participants into a grand prize draw!
artificial intelligence photo booth examples

5.Event Marketing

We supply you with all the user generated content in your own online branded gallery for use in your own marketing.

Boost Your EXPO's ROI Like Never Before with These Trade Show Marketing Hacks!
"Image generators are trained on billions of images, which enable them to produce new creations that were once the sole dominion of painters and other artists.
 Sometimes experts can’t tell the difference between A.I.-created images and actual photographs. And these [AI] tools are already changing the way that creative professionals do their jobs." -    New York Times


1. What is AI, and how does it relate to photo booths?

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to the development of computer systems that can perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. In the context of photo booths, AI can be used to enhance the user experience by providing personalized and interactive features such as facial recognition, customizable backgrounds, and virtual props. AI-driven photo booths offer a more engaging and immersive experience compared to traditional photo booths.

2. What is synthography, and how does it play a role in AI photo booths?

Synthography is a term that combines the words "synthesis" and "photography." It refers to the process of creating new and unique visual experiences by merging different elements, often using advanced technologies like AI. In AI photo booths, synthography can be applied to generate custom backdrops, overlays, and props by blending various images or graphics in real-time. This allows for a more personalized and creative photo booth experience for users.

3. How does facial recognition work in AI photo booths?

Facial recognition in AI photo booths utilizes advanced algorithms to identify and analyze facial features in real-time. This technology can detect the presence of faces in the camera frame, track their movements, and even distinguish between different individuals. Facial recognition can be used to apply virtual props, overlays, or filters specifically tailored to each user, providing a more customized and engaging experience.

4. Can AI photo booths be customized for different events and themes?

Yes, AI photo booths offer a high level of customization to cater to various events and themes. You can personalize the booth's appearance, including the backdrops, overlays, and virtual props, to match your event's theme or branding. The AI technology enables dynamic adjustments, allowing the photo booth to create unique and interactive experiences for users that align with the event's purpose and objectives.

5. Are AI photo booths suitable for all types of events?

AI photo booths are versatile and can be tailored to suit a wide range of events, including corporate functions, product launches, trade shows, weddings, and parties. The advanced features and customization options provided by AI-driven booths make them a valuable addition to any event, offering guests an engaging, interactive, and memorable experience. Additionally, the data insights and analytics gathered by AI photo booths can help event organizers measure the success of their event and make data-driven decisions for future events.

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