Now with our touchless photo booth, you can still capture the memories and photo strips like you had always imagined them.

Love in the time of Corona often feels like an audacious and daring move, for no matter how old you are or long you’ve been together, navigating uncharted territory together–not to mention a GLOBAL pandemic!–can become a daunting journey. Yet, all over the world, cupid keeps working his magic as couples defy the odds and grow closer than ever. Especially when it comes to tying the knot, it’s clear that current circumstances have set up no shortage of obstacles for those planning their dream weddings. Lowered venue capacities, risk of travel, and numerous other factors have pushed many to come to a difficult crossroads: either limit their number of attendees or unfortunately postpone their weddings altogether.

OutSnapped's Virtual Event Touchless Photo Booth Is great for Hybrid Events as well

A couple weeks ago, however, I had the honor of witnessing a feat of pure magic and sheer joy as a couple friends of mine celebrated their big day with an unconventional yet absolutely stunning outdoor ceremony. Truly a shining example of how to make the best out of less than perfect circumstances, my friends brought to life the concept of a hybrid event. Living close by, I had the privilege of witnessing their gorgeous celebration, taking in the sweet summer breeze, and basking in the splendor of it all in person. With not a cloud in sight, floral arrangements galore, enough and sunshine to last a lifetime, the scenic spot had to have been taken straight out of a fairy tale dream. What’s more, my relatives and others who couldn’t make it in person were still more than able to keep up with every detail via a high definition live stream. From the bride’s sweeping entrance, to the deeply heartfelt vows, to the first dance set to the perfect song, every guest they had invited–whether in person or remote–watched it all happen against a breathtaking mountain background. 

The In-Person Touchless Photo Booth Experience

OutSnapped's FutureFoto Touchless Photo Booth with beautifying ring light
OutSnapped’s FutureFoto™ with Beautifying Ring Light

Not a moment was lost and no one missed out on a single bit of fun, not even the photo booth! In fact, what may seem like a cherry on top for most weddings became one of the most innovative and buzzworthy elements of this event. For in person guests, our sleek FutureFoto™ photo booth was set up against a delightful backdrop and came with our signature beautifying ring light that kept everyone absolutely glowing–do I even need to mention how vibrant the bride and groom looked together in their pics? Seriously. 

Placed in a wonderful location (right by the incredible food of course), the booth was in use all day and night as guests took the opportunity to both rock their angles and express their excitement for the newlyweds, as each pic came with a beautifully designed border and logo themed for the occasion. All selfie-takers had to do was say “cheese!” and then send the selfie to themselves without ever touching the photo booth itself, a perfect snapshot of an everlasting memory.

The Virtual Photo Booth Experience

Meanwhile, those attending remotely used the matching virtual photo booth to take as many selfies as humanly possible, all of which would save to their devices in a few clicks. Despite not being in the same place, guests using the virtual booth were equipped with its high-tech background removal software that seamlessly transformed the background to look as if they were at the event in real time. Guests in virtual space can even take photos with the Bride & Groom using our sticker functionality! It also became an awesome way for in person guests to skip the line for the live booth! All that users had to do was scan a QR code table tent to enter the digital space via their own mobile device, take or even upload a selfie, select from a great variety of backdrops, and voilà–flawless selfie ready to be shared with friends, family, and of course social media!

I’m still in awe of my friends for having put together such an amazing ceremony in spite of everything standing in the way, and for using OutSnapped’s technology to share their happiness with all their loved ones. 

Humans have this awesome ability to adapt to absolutely anything thrown at us, and it’s always inspiring to see the ways in which we continue to connect with one another.