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Our standard production timeline is 7 Business Days from start to finish!
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You booked your Virtual Booth, Now What?

Click here to find out more about the virtual booth production timeline.

Where can I use the Photo Booths?

Click here to discover 100+ ways individuals and brands use photo booths.

Where are photos/videos processed and stored?

All user-generated content is either processed locally on the capture device and/or processed on our servers. Unless other arrangements are made, all user-generated content is delivered via email or text message to the end-users. All user-generated content is archived and available for client download for up to one year from the event start date. User-generated content can be manually removed earlier by the request of a client.

How Does OutSnapped Use Artificial Intelligence?

From facial recognition for robust analytics to background removal, AI has been vital in creating awesome new features that have made photo booths more exciting for guests. For more information click here.

How are sharing metrics calculated?

We calculate impressions and reach based on actual direct-to-platform shares, recorded platform-specific sharing intent and conservatively reported social media statistics. Granular data is collected on the day of the event in real-time via our OutSnapped sharing station(s) and when applicable combined with event-specific mini-site data. Click HERE for more information.



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