OutSnapped’s studio in Brooklyn Navy Yard’s Building 280 will be converted to support Steady Goods order fulfilment.

Dear Neighbor,

OutSnapped's Founder Nicholas Rhodes
Hey! I’m Nicholas! You may have seen me around the yard! Next time, please say hi!

I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself. I’m Nicholas and I run OutSnapped.com, an event photography company (we make photo booths and a bunch of other fun stuff too), based out of the Brooklyn Navy Yard. As you can imagine, our business was affected by COVID19 as well. 

During this time of uncertainty which we’re all in, while events and gatherings are not happening, I’ve decided to focus my energy on ways to support my community. This led me to creating Steady Goods (not quite live yet but take a sneak peak with the case sensitive password bkny ), a hyper-local ecommerce store, to promote the makers in my community to our collective national audiences. 

As many other Navy Yard businesses are shifting their focus to manufacturing medical goods and equipment, Steady Goods is building an ecommerce platform helping the national community access products created by YOU and other NYC makers, manufacturers and artists.

We have Winston Digital Marketing Firm who has kindly donated their time and OutSnapped’s PR firm engaged to seed this out to all local (ie. WNYC & Gothamist) and national press outlets (ie. NY Times, Forbes, Etc.). 

We’re really excited to work with each of you to help support our community.


Nicholas Rhodes
[email protected]

What this means for you:

  1. We will sell your goods on SteadyGoods.com. All you have to do is get your products to our studio in The Brooklyn Navy Yard and we will take care of the rest.
  2. You set the wholesale price, we apply the standard 50% markup in the marketplace. As items are sold, Steady Goods handles all fulfillment and each maker will be paid their full wholesale price for their item.
  3. At launch, 15% of the proceeds from the Steady Goods markup will go into a COVID19 relief fund to be distributed among the creators who are participating in the platform.
  4. We will utilize our OutSnapped automated photography systems to take high resolution photos of your products. We will share these images with you for use however you’d like.

What we ask of you:

  1. You help promote the platform. A rising tide raises all ships.


I already have an ecommerce website. Can I still participate?
If you already sell your products through your own ecomm website that’s totally fine. We’d still love to have you participate. We will include links in your product descriptions offering costumers the option to buy directly and if your product sells out on our platform we will continue to list the product with availability on your website.

Why should I participate?
Quite simply, we can’t do it alone. If we all band together to promote a centralized marketplace, we build a larger audience together, and increase the likelihood that our friends will discover and buy the high-quality goods made here in New York City.

We ask that you sanitize all goods prior to delivery and we will do so again following all CDC guidelines as we place into inventory and again immediately prior to shipping.

What can we expect upon drop off of goods?
In order to onboard each maker, we will be scheduling safe studio visit times throughout the next two weeks. Time is of the essence with getting this platform up and running so we will make sure we are available when you are. We will be taking ample precaution and following social distancing.

Upon your arrival at the studio, you will be asked to sake a series of portraits in OutSnapped’s Headshot-O-Matic automated headshot system.  The system will be sanitized between each use.

We will then photograph your products, input your product descriptions and share links with you for your approval.

As items are sold, each maker will be paid their full wholesale price and a portion of the proceeds will go into a relief fund to be distributed among those who are participating in the platform.