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Keep In Touch with a Trade Show Selfie Station

Flush the Fishbowl, and turn trade show guests into warm leads with OutSnapped!

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OutSnapped modernizes Business Card Fishbowl with a fun, engaging twist:

Gather re-marketing contact information by inviting users to snap their #BestSelfieEver in our easy to use photo booth and seamlessly leave their contact information in the process.

Since Sharing their email is an integral, noninvasive part of the experience, users won’t think twice while allowing you to on-board them into your email marketing and follow-up with special offers.

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Flush the Fishbowl …

Event Marketing Essentials, made fun!

  • •User Generated Content
  • •Data Collection
  • •Surveys
  • •Calls to Action
  • •Special Offers
  • •Demographic Information
  • •Multiple Branding Opportunities
  • •Contests
  • •More!

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Photo Experiences Powered by OutSnapped

You’ve prepared an amazing encapsulated experience of your brand, and you’re ready to share it with the world on the show floor. OutSnapped helps to take your presentation above and beyond!

With a compact footprint perfect for every venue, OutSnapped Photo Experiences expertly translate an amazing interaction into a photograph, GIF, or looping video that can be shared by your leads and your brand alike. Our smart marketing integrations such as data capture and Advanced Vision Analytics help to discover more about your leads and add them to your email marketing list as easy as Lights, Camera, Action!

Photos, Animated GIFS, Boomerangs, Oh My!

OutSnapped is like having a pro photographer on site 24/7/365 who knows how to take the BEST selfies for social media AND continually does your marketing heavy lifting for you!

Tastefully Branded User Generated Content

Over the last decade OutSnapped has figured out how to harness the power of photography from snap to share™!

A Photo Experience makes it exciting for your customers to champion your brand and the great time they had in your store.

Content so great that your customers will share it and so can you!

OutSnapped streamlines sharing photos on socials and your brand’s @SocialHandle and #AwesomeHashtag can even be included in the message for your client to copy and paste.

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From SNAP to SHARE™, OutSnapped makes it fun for your guests to be your brand champions.

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    Tastefully Branded User Generated Content

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From start to finish nearly every aspect of the OutSnapped Photo Experiences can be customized to suit your needs.


OutSnapped On-Site 24/7/365

The OutSnapped Photo Booth is specially created for easy sharing, to make a huge splash in social media impressions to create authentic brand advocates instantly. You can seamlessly ask survey questions about their visit, host contests, and deliver calls to action. Every user will leave their contact information, creating easy opportunities to keep in touch.


Content is Key – We’ve Unlocked the Secret

User generated content is crucial to a successful social media strategy. The OutSnapped Photo Booth has completely streamlined that great experience into something guests have fun creating and feel great about sharing.

The OutSnapped Experience makes your customers excited to promote your brand — everybody wins.


While we specialize in permanent installations, we can also accommodate one-off special events. Get in touch below to get OutSnapped:

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