TRADE SHOW PHOTO BOOTH STAT RECAP: Citizens Bank & OutSnapped At the National Association of Realtors Convention

by Nicholas Rhodes
Last Updated on November 29, 2022
Citizens bank trade show photo booth powered by outsnapped
Learn how OutSnapped helped Citizens Bank modernize the traditional trade show business card fishbowl with a fun, engaging twist, a Trade show Photo Booth!

If you’ve ever been tasked with taking your brand or business to a trade show, you know that the challenge is how, in a sea of booths competing for attention, to make yours stand out from the rest. The answer: an engaging trade show photo booth!

You prepare your products, bring your one-sheets, and order the displays. Have you ever wished you had a way to keep track of everyone you were talking to, get them to share what a great experience they had with you, and simply make your booth more fun?
Keep reading to learn how Citizens Bank used OutSnapped's Trade Show, Photo Booth, to pump up the engagement factor, collect visitor contact information and generate a reach of nearly 40,000 people with user-generated content during the whole show
The OutSnapped Advantage
Citizens Bank approached OutSnapped with the challenge of converting event-goers into warm leads with a fun photo-based experience.
Using the bank's iconic brand identity, OutSnapped created a green screen experience that superimposed trade show guests into Boston’s best-known landmarks without leaving the footprint of their booth. Bank associates guided their guests through the experience, creating a memorable interaction beyond what one typically expects at a trade show. Guests’ photos were instantly displayed on large screens for all to enjoy and many visitors also took photos of this 15 minutes of fame.
Nearly every booth visitor used the Photo Booth. Over the course of the 4-day expo, Citizens Bank generated 355 total photo sessions, creating 290 photos and 65 GIFs … that’s an average of 89 warm leads per day!
Using our advanced visual analytics we can estimate that each photo has an average of 2 people in it, creating an exciting social experience for all who attended. That means each photo is at least 2 times more likely to be shared!
We’ve also calculated that 67% of the total users are women, and 68% of total users are between the ages of 34 and 47. These sophisticated analytics will help Citizens Bank tailor its follow-ups to those who attended.
In total, visitors to the photo booth have shared photos 436 times to 325 email addresses. That means the Citizens Bank will be able to keep in touch afterward with 325 visitors after the show. That’s 325 people who will remember what an awesome experience they had with Citizens Bank at the show and will look forward to future communications!
In addition to the e-mail shares, we also recorded intent to share the tastefully branded user-generated content 37 times on Instagram, 24 times on Facebook, and 5 times on Twitter.
Futurefoto at a trade show

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