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Everyone knows the photo booth is a staple of every good party. But not all photo booths are created equal. Luckily we have an array of fun options to choose from, perfect for every party vibe and moment.
Since a picture is worth a thousands words, book yours today!

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Photos, Animated GIFS, Boomerangs, Oh My!

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Choose from one or multiple of our premium photo booth experiences.



Capture unlimited fun with still photos, animated GIFs, Boomerangs, and our newest feature - video!

Guests are drawn to the gorgeous glow of this modern and sleek booth, sure to create the most flattering photos and engage even the most photo-shy guests.

Ask us about augmented reality and Green Screen experiences!

OutSnapped FotoRover

The first mobile photo booth! Our FotoRover is a hybrid – it combines our signature beautifying ring light with our award-winning event photography! Mobility makes it possible to capture your event from all angles.

Our friendly OutSnapped staff is happy to navigate the booth to your party’s many hotspots. Using the same gorgeous, glowing ring light as the FutureFoto, enjoy UNLIMITED photos, boomerangs, augmented reality props, and endless photo sharing.

OutSnapped Classic Experience

Go old school cool with this tried and true photo booth from our partner Magnolia Photo Booths.

A photo booth experience doesn’t get more traditional than this. Close the curtain, strike a pose or get silly. After the FLASH bulb goes off, out comes a REAL photo strip to cherish for years to come.

Pop Out Features

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OutSnapped 360°

Our 360° Video Booth is our most requested experience of 2022!

Your guests step on the platform and our high-res video camera revolves 360 degrees around them to capture a slow-motion video. It's perfect for clients who want their guests to create cutting-edge and HIGHLY SHAREABLE memories at their events!
Photography Studio

Premium Studio Experiences

Your guests deserve the most luxurious photo experience to capture all the red carpet moments.

Enjoy a glamorous photo studio brought directly to your event. Guests are captured with a high-end DSLR camera and studio strobe lighting, freezing frames in your guests’ memories forever!

OutSnapped Connected Events

Engage event guests on the dance floor, at the bar, on the festival grounds, or wherever they may be. (either fotorover or photographer) Our award winning photographers snap photos, GIFS, and videos - allowing your guests to share the fun instantly!

The photo booth now meets your guests anywhere via our proprietary cloud connected photo capture technology (guests get the photos instantly to their emails or devices).

Pop Out Features

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OutSnapped On-Site

Looking to capture your venue, hotel, restaurants, or business experience? Our permanent installations makes it fun for your visitors, clients, or guests to be your brand champions.

Special products designed for:

Venues, Bars and Nightlife




Yoga/Fitness Studios


Planes, Trains & Automobiles!

Why Should Geography Get Between
You and an Amazing Experience?

OutSnapped Service Areas Map
OutSnapped is a NYC based photo agency that specializes in creating epic photo booth experiences.
With our newly expanded our service area, we now offer OutSnapped services to events of all shapes
and sizes nationwide, as detailed in this map.

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