100+ Great Photo Booth Ideas for Individuals & Brands

Photo Booths have evolved into essential business tools. They are still the life of the party. But now, photo booths are key to marketing and managing in the new normal

Capturing Moments With

Anywhere. Anytime. Any Situation
Photo Booth Innovations for Milestones and Life Events

Successful events require intense preparation and planning. Even then, events need lots of things to go right. New photo booth technologies help you plan around dynamic risks with in-person, mixed in-person/virtual events or touchless virtual events. Humans crave connection. We will always want to celebrate together. OutSnapped helps you plan events with confidence. Don't let dynamic risks postpone the party.

Here are the top reasons to rent a photo booth for your personal celebrations. Ask us how to select a photo booth that works anywhere, anytime, in any situation. Or, pre-shop solutions, here.

21 Reasons to Rent a Photo Booth for Milestones and Life Events

4th of July


Bachelor | Bachelorette Parties



Costume Parties


Entertainment Premieres



Holiday Parties


Mardi Gras

New Job or Promotion




Sweet 16s


Virtual Dance Parties


OutSnapped Photo Booths Help Brands Leverage Experiences People Already Love in a Variety of File Formats.

Generate Attention. Cut Through Clutter. Power User-Generated Content.

A Checklist of Immersive Photo Experiences
Which Booth Should I Use if I Need a Particular File Format?

Brands hire OutSnapped photo booths for a growing variety of sales/marketing, human capital management and functional needs. Our proprietary technologies and award-winning creative support distanced teams, global customers and dynamic work requirements. Everything brands do benefit from the innovation, sparkle and design photo booths bring to the party.
Checklist for Photo
Classic Photo
Studio Photo
Connected Event
Virtual Photo
Animated GIFs
Boomerang Looping Gifs
Looping Videos
Jump Cuts, Pan & Zoom
Portrait Format
Landscape Format
Black & White Images
Color Images
Double Exposure
Enhanced Image Filters
Sponsor Page
Slideshow Effects
Name Badges
Desktop background video

Take Uncertainty Out of Milestone Events with Photo Booths That Meet the Moment

Question: How would you throw a milestone celebration if your guests didn't have to all be in the same room?

Make Guests Central to Successful Events and Marketing

Photo Booths are the ideal way to put guests at the center of your personal and brand events. Memories are short—and guests may forget what you said or what they saw—but they will always remember how you made them feel. Photo booths are almost perfect catalysts for emotion, feeling and fun. New features and formats like GIFs, loops and boomerangs amplify the now and propel positive feelings into the future.

Great visuals command attention while emotion creates memorability, action and regard. Done right, events can turn guests into authentic brand ambassadors who create compelling, user-generated visual content. Photo booths are foundational to today's guest expectations for indelible, sharable imagery. Making guests central to your event creates the conditions for friends, fans and brands to create, connect and share at the event.

Tech-enabled photo marketing is how events increase trust for new customers. Your marketing achieves improved reach, higher amplitude and faster spread than most other forms of messaging. We help every host reach for extraordinary experiences and results.
20 Business and Brand Events That Are Better with Photo Marketing
  • Charity | ESG Activations
  • E-Commerce Retail Feed Takeovers
  • Experiential and Viral Marketing
  • Explainer Videos
  • Marketing Mix: Brand Events, Activations and Engagement
  • Milestones
  • New Product Launches
  • Immersive Experiences Around New Purchases
  • Press and Media Events
  • Remote-First Marketing
  • Testimonial-Capture for Products, Services and In-Person Reviews
  • Most User Generated Content

Design an Event That Fosters Connection and Delight

Question: What Would Photo Marketing Success for Your Business Look Like?

Not sure which photo booth is right for you? Use our checklist to find the perfect photo experience for your event.

How Can Businesses Use Photo Booths to Grow?

To meet the new normal photo booths have evolved to serve distanced customers and co-workers. Booths are still party essentials. However, more and more businesses see them as tools for work environments that are increasingly virtual. Below are new and better ways to use photo booths as lean marketing, management and revenue tools.

Transferring enthusiasm about your products onto potential buyers is vital to the sales process. Leadership inspires stakeholders to pull in the same direction. Responsible management and controls rely on informed investors and an empowered work force. Photo booths lift all boats.

12 Photo Booth Ideas for Better Sales, Marketing & Corporate Controls

  • Conferences and Seminars | Single or Multiple Venues
  • Business Dinners
  • Client Sales
  • Consensus Building
  • Galas
  • Guest Speakers
  • Incentive Programs
  • Keynotes
  • Milestone Celebrations
  • Touchless Gifting
  • Trade Shows | Expos

Photo Booths Digitally Transform Many Corporate Functions: Business Processes, Corporate Communications and Sales

Question: How do corporate functions need to evolve for dispersed employees, customers and the way we work now?

What People Say About Us

New Photo Booth Capabilities Support Digital Transformation

Uncertainty can freeze markets. It doesn't have to freeze yours. As the world reemerges, tech-enabled photo booths have new capabilities that do a lot more than you may think. Now, photo booths transform both sophisticated functions like corporate reporting and simple tasks like employee ID photos into virtual experiences that dispersed teams and globalized customers like.

Increasingly, smart businesses embrace digital transformation. OutSnapped photo booths help you win attention, regard and efficiency so that you can do what you already do—better.

20 Business Functions Ripe for Digital Transformation

  • Awards
  • Board and Shareholder Meetings
  • Change Management
  • Company Headshots
  • Company Socials
  • Corporate Communications for Projects, Earnings, Milestones and Other News
  • Executive Retreats
  • Facilitation Events
  • Internal Summits
  • Live Broadcasts
  • Networking | Brainstorming
  • Team Building
  • Trainings | Workshops | Courses | Upskilling
  • Webinars

Digitally Transform Human Capital Management | Corporate Culture and Thought Leadership

Question: What can new photo booth capabilities help you do better?

Not sure which photo booth is right for you? Use our checklist to find the perfect photo experience for your event.

Photo Marketing for Customer-Facing Retail Brands

Photo marketing is the new word-of-mouth. You can have the best products and services in the world; you can do work that matters. But, until you have a sustainable business everything is tentative. Photo marketing is a step retail brands can take right now to move potential customers into the sales funnel.

Ads, promotions, discounts and the other tools in the marketing toolkit are expensive. Some promos are temporary. Others are heat without light. However, user generated content, and photo marketing in general, is durable. Virtual marketing is an incredible value because it pushes on sales, search rank, public relations, brand marketing and social's promise of greater amplitude and reach. User generated content saves money on the design costs of promotions while building post-sale customer lists. More, these customer endorsements still matter to anyone looking for social proof.

Photo Marketing Success for Retail, Hospitality and Affiliations

  • Bars and Nightlife
  • Campus Events
  • Celebrate Fitness Goals
  • Cosmetic Procedures | OutSnapped Beauty Booth™
  • Customer Education Seminars
  • Document Physical or Medical Changes
  • Document Wellness
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Fan Experiences and Engagements
  • Graduations and Commencements
  • Hair Salons and Aesthetic Services | OutSnapped Beauty Booth™
  • Health | Wellness | Personal Care | OutSnapped Beauty Booth™
  • Hotels
  • Movie Theater Premieres
  • Museums
  • New Product Introductions
  • Real Estate
  • Relationship Management
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Installations | Semi-Permanent
  • Retail Sales
  • School and University Dances, Games and Alumni Events
  • Seasonal Promotions
  • Special Events
  • Sports and Fan Experiences
  • Store Openings
  • Amp-Up Team, Tribe or Brand Spirit

Celebrate Your Customer's Self-Care and Good Feelings Clothes | Cars | Make-Up | Introductions | Dental Visits | Cosmetic Procedures | Luxury Experiences | Customer Engagement | Reminder Marketing

Question: How Would You Define Photo Marketing Success for Your Consumer-
Facing Retail Business?

Not sure which photo booth is right for you? Use our checklist to find the perfect photo experience for your event.
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