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Virtual Photo Booth Solutions for Sensational Events, Experiential Marketing and Lean Business Operations

Photo booths are still the life of the party and essential to events. However, new booths do more than provide memories. Virtual photo booths can drive the digital transformation of deeply branded events, integrated marketing and tons of business operations.

Virtual booths are a turnkey, easy-to-use technology rather than a physical booth. These incredible tools have a lite footprint because they substitute Internet browsers and mobile phones (in everyone's pocket) for physical, on-location booths. They are multi-location messaging, marketing, and event platforms for as many experiences and thrills as you can pack into your planning. Multiple lens experiences (via smartphones) deliver fabulous new Artificial Intelligence-driven services and creativity that were not possible until now. What could breaking out-of-the-booth do for your brand marketing, public communications, HR operations, and team cohesion?
Virtual Photo Booths for Digital Transformation
Virtual photo booths offer incredible value in the form of immersively branded photo marketing experiences, marketing data capture, business process improvement, and lower costs peruse, together with better health and safety. They deliver your operational, communications, or marketing vision at any scale, anywhere you work.

Virtual booths digitally transform events, marketing, and operations to drive the business goals of remote work. OutSnapped still offers old-school, on-location photo booths, which remain the best way we know of to celebrate and share milestone experiences. However, every business and professional marketer will want to know about new, tech-driven workhorse capabilities for operations, communications, and marketing across distributed audiences.

virtual photo booth for events

Virtual Photo Booths for Events

Guest experiences are key to successful events and newness always matters. Virtual photo booths power exciting new adventures and services at any scale, regardless of physical, operational, technical, or space considerations.

There are lots of reasons to add virtual photo booths to your next event. First, going virtual is a reliable choice when you have practical constraints or unknown planning risks that arise from working in new or distant locations. Next, virtual booths free you from lower-end tasks to focus on results, creativity, branding, data, and your guests. Enhanced services enable data collection for post-event marketing. Even when events are virtual, creativity still wins. And, OutSnapped is with you every step of the way to create perfect activations and events.
virtual photo booth for experiential marketing

Virtual Photo Booths for Experiential Marketing

Virtual photo booths are simple, all-in-one experience marketing machines that are a top choice for both virtual and blended in-person/virtual events. Experiential marketing simply means that you offer branded experiences audiences cannot get anywhere else. Smart marketers use these custom experiences to engage customers deeper and more meaningfully. Customer acquisition matters too. Virtual booths allow activations to collect by-permission data that delivers everything you need for post-event sales.

Virtual booths let you worry less about the nuts and bolts of your event to focus on guest journeys through your messaging, graphics, and branding. Anyone with event access can join in on the adventure—regardless of where guests are located physically. Custom overlays, banners, props, and backgrounds create transformational attention, novelty, and delight for your project—while building bridges to the Metaverse.
Virtual Hybrid and InPerson Photo Booths for Trade Show Activations

Virtual Photo Booths for Lean Business Operations

Most of us already navigate between real-life and virtual experiences daily. Digital adoption accelerated over the last few years with more services moving online, in ways that seem permanent. Corporate IDs, social selling, team building, trade shows, and many other in-person events can use virtual photo booths to flourish. Importantly, engaging younger stakeholders almost requires that you reach them online. If your customers and colleagues don't draw distinctions between the physical and digital worlds, why should you?
Virtual Photo Booths as Platforms for Global Events

Virtual Photo Booths as Platforms for Global Events

New services mean virtual photo booths are fully scalable (for small local events, nationwide and worldwide campaigns). Virtual booths are completely digital which means it is easy to work big or small while adding market/location-specific services. For a moment, let's think big. What could a global activation mean to your events, marketing and operations?
  • Time-coordinated conference programs for attendee participation in any time zone
  • Easy language translations, globally
  • Pre-recorded events with timed playback
  • Compatible with every device
  • White-label SaaS with custom branded hyperlinks
  • Branded QR codes
  • No app installs are necessary

Compare OutSnapped Booths to Confirm Virtual Photo Booths are Right for You!

Operational Considerations
Classic Photo
Studio Photo
Connected Event
Virtual Photo
Requires Physical Set-Up
Can be Staffed at Event by OutSnapped
Can be Self-Staffed at Event
Requires Photo Lighting
Comes With Integrated, Picture Perfect Lighting
Standard or Custom Printed Backdrops Available
Uses Physical Props
Uses Virtual Props
Can Be Shipped to You via Parcel Shipment
Requires Physical Delivery via LTL Shipment
Totally Virtual, Does Not Require Shipping
Lighter Weight
Heavier Weight
Smaller Footprint
Larger Footprint
Uses Residential Power Plugs
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