How Can I use Photo Booths and What Can the Newest Booths Do for My Business?

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How Can I use Photo Booths and What Can the Newest Booths Do for My Business?

Today's photo booths evolved into more than the life of the party. Now, photo booths deliver new ways to connect, communicate and manage immersive photo experiences. These tech-enabled booths deliver quantum improvements to marketing, management, and communications over distanced projects and dispersed teams.

Here's how. The latest photo booths are tech-enabled platforms, which capture still or moving images that can be branded immersively and shared immediately. Other, virtual photo booths substitute Internet browsers and mobile phones (in everyone's pocket) for physical, on-location booths. Virtual booths with multiple lenses (via mobiles) deliver fabulous new services, experiences, and creative choices that were not possible until now. More, the new booths offer incredible value in the form of immersively branded photo and video immersive marketing experiences, marketing data capture, business process improvements, lower costs per use, and better health and safety.

The capabilities that create evolved marketing experiences also create new management services that drive business goals for today's remote workforces. OutSnapped still offers old-school, on-location booths, which remain the best way we know of to celebrate and share milestone experiences. However, every small business and professional marketer will want to know about new, tech-driven workhorse capabilities for operations, communications, and marketing across distributed audiences.

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What is the Right Photo Booth for Me?

Studio photo experiences bathe party guests in paparazzi glamour and create a focus for high-end live events. In-person photographers, customized backgrounds, props and lighting give events a social-ready fashion edge. Studio experiences provide almost unlimited creative choices that turn customers into brand ambassadors.
Classic photo booths are still the life of in-person events. There is no replacement for the togetherness, fun, nostalgia and printed film strips classic booths offer.
Future Photo™ light ring booths fuse simplicity with in-person and virtual experiences. They are built for scale and elevate selfies with professional polish. Your guests will take beautiful, dynamic images that are immediately sharable via social, SMS or email.
Connected Event Photography combines the fun of a live photographey with ultimate customization, sharability and data capture. Connected Event Photography makes every guest image feel like a VIP, (Very Important Photo).
SNAP to SHARE™ Installations are a new, on-site superpower for brands and retail stores. These longer-term installations help your customers celebrate their purchases while growing the amplitude and reach of your marketing base.
Virtual Photo Booths are a technology, rather than a physical, single-lens booth. Virtual booths are browser-based, multi-camera workhorses for operations, communications and marketing across distant teams. The technology uses a guest's mobile phone plus Artificial Intelligence to deliver your unique creative vision in the metaverse. Virtual Photo Booths power rich, immersive branding, customized graphics and truly experiential marketing together with everything you need for post-event sales. The booths are a great choice for both virtual and blended in-person/virtual events. No app necessary.
Today, your technology strategy IS your business strategy. What could breaking out-of-the-booth do for your brand marketing, public communications and team cohesion? Let OutSnapped help you create something remarkable.
Vision of customized photo experience
Classic Photo
Studio Photo
Connected Event
Photo Booths | In-Person Experiences
Flexible Virtual | In-Person Photos
Offers Virtual-First Experiences
Offers Standard or Immersive Branding Experiences
Offers Semi-Permanent Installations
Can be White Labeled

What Are Immersive Photo Booth Marketing Experiences and How Can Virtual Photo Booths Help Your Business?

Newness matters. Immersive photo booth marketing experiences bring transformational attention, novelty and delight to your project. Photo booths have already transformed from party essentials into business tools for the way we all live, work, celebrate and shop. Over time, immersive photo booth marketing builds towards marketing in the metaverse.

Virtual photo booths already let you create a virtual world for your audience to enjoy. They'll have the experiences you want them to have in branded environments. Imagine experiences that express all the messaging and fun you can put into joyfully themed overlays, banners, props and backgrounds. OutSnapped adds new features often, but for now virtual photo booth technology allows you to display your brand to anyone with event access (regardless of where they are located physically).

Most of us already navigate between real-life and virtual experiences daily. Gen Zs, especially, don't draw distinctions between the physical and digital worlds. Selling to younger customers almost requires that you reach them online. Experiential marketing means simply that you offer experiences that audiences cannot get anywhere else. In other words, the metaverse may seem far away, but virtual photo booths demonstrate that the metaverse is already here.
Photo Booths for HR and Operations Management
Businesses are reevaluating everything from in-office work to the way they onboard employees. One new photo booth use-case is corporate ID photos, which used to be a function of the security team or taken once a quarter in smaller companies. Now, Future Photo™ booths, SNAP to SHARE™ Installations or virtual photo booths let employees self-serve by taking a selfie. OutSnapped replaces and harmonizes the background with AI and adds secure characteristics better, faster and cheaper than what came before. Business owners can manage employee website photos, trade show badges, shareholder meetings and lots of other use cases the same way.

SNAP to SHARE™ Photo Booths Installations Deliver User Generated Content and Customer Purchase Reinforcement for New Products

Cement customer relationships. Reinforce the purchase experience. Gather customer data. Facilitate user-generated content with long-term booth installations.

Imagine you have a luxury car dealership and next year's models are rolling out. You want to communicate that you have high sales activity with new, in-stock models. You want to avoid returns and buyer's remorse while appealing to the buyer's vanity. Simultaneously, you would like to tell everyone they know that their friend is your customer, via social. And, wouldn't it be great if you could do all this with almost no effort or cost. Enter OutSnapped's long-term photo booth installations.

Businesses that charge a brand premium know they need to offer quality, differentiated experiences that deliver high overall value. Long-term photo booth installations do great things there.



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