How Do I Choose a Photo Booth Rental?

OutSnapped photo booths create fun, flexible, immersive photo experiences
Photo Booths by OutSnapped
Capturing Moments With

How Do I Choose a Photo Booth Rental?

We offer popular, proprietary photo booths to celebrate individual milestones. Or, drive business goals with fully customized, immersive photo branding experiences. We specialize in creativity, service, and pricing everyone will love.

What Photo Experiences and Feelings
Do You Want Your Guests to Have?

Feel. Share. Remember.
What feelings, shares and memories do you hope guests take-away?

Do you want physical or virtual at-event mementos? Are games, prizes or marketing data part of your plan?
Guest experiences are key to successful events. OutSnapped offers the perfect mix of photos, shareability, innovation and design customizations to create perfect celebrations.
Classic Photo
Studio Photo
Connected Event
Virtual Photo
Instant Printed Event Photo Strips
Photos, GIFs, Boomerangs, Looping Videos & More
Fast, Easy Social Sharing
Cloud Event Gallery for Easy Access to Your Images
Competitions, Contests, Prizes & Scratch-off Ticket
Requires App Installation
Instant Sharing Via E-mail
Instant Sharing Via SMS (USA)
Requires Guest- Supplied Information for Sharing
Socially Distanced
Additional Prints Photobooks Available Post- Event

What People Say About Us

Physical, Operational and Space Considerations

What Kind of Photo Booth Is Right for My Event?

Every event has practical and operational considerations. What are your constraints?
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Branded Portal Photo

OutSnapped Photo Booths Offer Deep Experiences of Brand and Fun

What are Immersive Marketing Photo Experiences? How Can My Business Use Photo Marketing?

Marketers know that everything is stickier with engagement and delight. OutSnapped innovates simple, powerful photo booth experiences built for how we celebrate life and work today. Our immersive marketing experiences fuel magical activations. Proprietary Artificial Intelligence takes your event anywhere in the world via Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality-style photos.

We're the only photo booth company that can claim over 10 years of happy customers.
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What are YOU waiting for? Get Outsnapped!

OutSnapped Photo Booths Help Brands Leverage Experiences People Already Love in a Variety of File Formats.

Generate Attention. Cut Through Clutter. Power User-Generated Content.

A Checklist of Immersive Photo Experiences
Which Booth Should I Use if I Need a Particular File Format?

Brands hire OutSnapped photo booths for a growing variety of sales/marketing, human capital management and functional needs. Our proprietary technologies and award-winning creative support distanced teams, global customers and dynamic work requirements. Everything brands do benefit from the innovation, sparkle and design photo booths bring to the party.

OutSnapped Offers the Industry's Best Data Collection Capabilities

What is the ROI of Photo Booths and Photo Marketing?

Celebrating a milestone event is an end in itself. However, brands need to make the business case for what they do. Calculating ROI requires data and OutSnapped delivers. Work with us to power post-event marketing and customer development.
Data Collected
Classic Photo
Studio Photo
Connected Event
Virtual Photo
Phone Numbers
IG Handles
Booth Usage
User Demographics
Contest Winners
Most Popular Photos
Image Veto Management
OutSnapped creates fun photo booth experiences that focus on capturing the perfect, professionally lit selfie, from shutter click to share.

Anywhere, Anytime Photo Booths That are
Simple, Flexible and Budget-Friendly

Our two most popular photo booths are well suited to milestone celebrations and small business marketing.

Photo Booths. Unbounded.

Our FUTUREFOTO™ booths ship to you anywhere, anytime. Set-up is simple and you'll always get OutSnapped's epic creative support.

OutSnapped's virtual photo booths are browser based, which means all you need to create a range of image file formats are a web browser and a phone. Virtual photo booths have robust and growing services that range from immersive event marketing to corporate services like company portraits.
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