Why Photo Booths are the Best Way to Create Immersive, Experience Marketing

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OutSnapped's smart photo booths are triple-threat experience marketing platforms that immerse customers in deeper experiences of your brand.

A simple definition: Experience marketing is a new type of sales/marketing/promotion that engages the senses in functional or aspirational touchpoints of a company's products and brand. Dynamism and multisensory media create story, movement, surprise and delight while attaching valuable associations with creativity, attention and regard. Recent smart booth iterations of experience marketing display robust, metaverse-style virtual environments. Meanwhile, OutSnapped is still the leader in the kinds of old-school, in-person booths that helped pioneer experience marketing.

Experience Marketers know that everything is stickier with engagement and joy.

Our simple, powerful photo booth experiences fuel successful activations by surrounding audiences with your unique visual language. You can position your marketing any place or in any environment because our proprietary Artificial Intelligence magically takes your event anywhere in the world you want to go.

Modern photo booths have the potential to engage your customers more deeply than other types of promotions. Due to the fun, shared experience of co-creating social posts, audiences develop natural, emotional connections to your brand. Moreover, experiential booths enable powerful, free, user-generated content. Simultaneously, booths capture marketing data and prospect your clients’ friends.

Whether it’s a trade show, conference, or product launch party – a photo booth generates memorability, leads, brand awareness and customer loyalty. Let’s explore how the latest range of OutSnapped photo booths can brand the way your customers socialize, shop, and incorporate your products into their lives.

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Speaking of experiences, OutSnapped is built for how we celebrate life and work today. We pioneered photo booth experiences and boast over 10 years of happy customers.
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Both the FUTUREFOTO™ and SNAP to SHARE™ booths are tech empowered, which means they support wonderful visual storytelling via smart, AI/Metaverse-like backgrounds, overlays, stickers customized gifs, boomerangs and looping videos. Sharing is seamless for good vibes only. Check out our robust options in the Immersive Photo Experiences chart.

The main challenge of product introductions is creating awareness that your brand has something new to sell. Old school marketing looked to sales teams, print ads, broadcast television, PR campaigns, tradeshows and the like for storytelling. Those are still great if you have big budgets and long lead-times.

That said, the leaner, faster way is to introduce products via social media. Our deep branding booth technology leverages social media to demonstrate how your new product fits into a customer's life. If you need more reasons to prefer social and virtual experiences, recent Pew research says that younger customers, especially Gen Zs, shop online almost exclusively. Moreover, FUTUREFOTO™ and SNAP to SHARE™ booths offer incredible value in the form of new services like marketing data capture, business-process improvements, lower costs per use—plus better health and safety.
Virtual Photo-Booth Experience Marketing Platform

Why Experience Marketing Photo Booths Matter to New Product Introductions

Why Booths Matter to New Product Introductions
Photo booths create online product discovery experiences that stand out for tailored messaging and immersion into your brand's world. Social media offers opportunities to engage others in spreading messages about your brand, which means your product goes farther and faster with greater reach and higher amplitude.

Most new product introductions aim to extend brand-width by layering charm and wit over the basics of product image, product name and visuals that reinforce the launch creative. Bringing OutSnapped booths into your product launch activates timely customer use-cases depicting real people engaging with, using or wearing the new product. When customers share these co-created images on their social feeds (using smart photo booth tools), viewers see the post as, essentially, a 3rd-party endorsement of your new product.

Tech-enabled booths extend the experience marketing value of your promotion way past the launch date in that social shares reach a customer's friends, family and followers. Smart booths power customer follow-up via email, text or social depending on the personal info guests shared with you during the event.

Last thing. You have likely heard the term "user-generated content" (or UGC for short). The explanation above provides an example of user-generated-content. Both FUTUREFOTO™ and SNAP to SHARE™ booths make it more likely customers will create user-generated posts with your products and branding for the simple reason that you have given them something special that is easy to create and share.
Engaging Retail Experiential Marketing with SNAP to SHARE™ Semi-Permanent Booth Installations
What if your store were a stage? With SNAP to SHARE™ smart photo booths for retail, it is. Using SNAP to SHARE™ booths is easy: After guests click their photo, a dialog box prompts them to enter contact details to receive their picture, which makes social sharing seamless.

A semi-permanent SNAP to SHARE™ photo booth installation translates anything customer-facing into the digital landscape: hospitality, entertainment, retail stores, health and wellness, food and beverage, personal services...all come alive with photo booths . Very quickly, customers actively engage with your products and services to look and feel good for the camera. The experience elicits jolts of dopamine, serotonin and other feel-good neuro-transmitters that accrue to brand loyalty.

Booths fuel feelings of brand relationship, which increase the chances of repeat purchases to drive lifetime customer value. Feeling good. Being seen. Engaging with your brand. All of these invite store visits, which are directly correlated to higher sales. Put simply, people are more likely to visit and purchase from a store associated with good feelings. All eyes on them, just might turn browsers into buyers.
OutSnapped FutureFoto Photo Booth installed in Brooklyn Museum for Experience Marketing for Perrier




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