Case Study: OutSnapped's AI Photo Booth Redefines the 'Face of Finance' in Partnership with SoFi

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming industries, and the realm of event marketing is no exception. One standout innovation in this space is the AI Photo Booth. As the leading provider of AI Photo Booth solutions, OutSnapped partnered with personal finance company SoFi for the 'Face of Finance' campaign, to tackle gender bias in AI-generated imagery within the financial sector.

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The OutSnapped AI Photobooth: Combating Bias with Innovation

OutSnapped's AI Photobooth, a breakthrough in the use of advanced intelligence in photo booth technology, played a pivotal role in the campaign. This platform redefines AI-generated imagery, offering a unique, immersive experience with a simple three-step process - "Snap, Process, Share.

AI Photobooth during the 'Face of Finance' campaign.

The AI Photo Booth employs sophisticated facial recognition technology that considers a diverse range of skin tones, facial features, and expressions. As SoFi aptly describes, "The images generated from the photo booth are inspired by real women, but we do not use their actual likeness. OutSnapped offers an AI Photo Booth that can make adjustments to photos, adding backdrops, overlays, and props, blending images or graphics in a process known as 'synthography'."

Graph showcasing the results and AI analytics of the 'Face of Finance' campaign.

Remarkable Campaign Outcomes
 with the AI Photo Booth

The 'Face of Finance' campaign was launched at Brookfield Place in NYC's financial district, making outstanding strides with the help of OutSnapped's AI Photo Booth. Over 450 passersby participated, resulting in nearly 2000 AI-enhanced images, while the AI Photo Booth's advanced intelligence analytics were busy at work behind the scenes.
the results of the 'Face of Finance' AI Photo Booth campaign.
The campaign produced 446 shareable videos, equating to 90 total minutes of shareable video content. During this process, the Advanced Intelligence Analytics detected 699 faces with an average of 1.57 faces per video, demonstrating the AI Photo Booth's precision and capabilities in handling crowd scenarios. The analytics also identified 445 women and 254 men, contributing to the campaign's goal of gender representation.

Moreover, the campaign generated significant digital engagement. The AI Photobooth facilitated 537 social shares, leading to an estimated reach of 48,508 and a staggering 154,824 total impressions. The impressive results underlined the capacity of OutSnapped's AI Photo Booth to capture and amplify the campaign's message, reaching an extensive audience while maintaining the focus on individual participants.
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The Wider Impact of the Advanced Intelligence Photo Booth

Beyond impressive engagement metrics, the 'Face of Finance' campaign ignited a crucial conversation about the representation of women and minorities in the financial sector. By leveraging the Advanced Intelligence Photo Booth, it showcased how AI can be more inclusive and accurate in its representations.

The Power of Partnership: SoFi and OutSnapped's AI Photobooth

SoFi's partnership with OutSnapped was a defining element of the 'Face of Finance' campaign. The successful utilization of OutSnapped's AI Photography Platform underlined the value of integrating advanced intelligence in photo booth technology for challenging stereotypes and promoting diversity.
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Future Use Cases: Pioneering the Future of Event Photography

OutSnapped, with its patent-pending technology, is poised to revolutionize event photography, photo booths, and the way event memories are recorded, preserved, and shared. As the digital world evolves, platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and others have become central to the way we share our experiences. OutSnapped's AI Photobooth is designed to sync seamlessly with this digital evolution.

In the near future, OutSnapped's web-based AI Photo Experiences will be accessible directly from a user's personal device, opening up new possibilities for live events and marketing campaigns. This development will enable users to instantly generate and share AI-enhanced photos or videos on their social platforms, increasing user engagement and maximizing the event's social media footprint.

Artist's impression of future use cases of the AI Photobooth.

OutSnapped is also in talks with movie studios to utilize its AI technology to transform fans into characters from their favorite movies, providing a unique and personalized fan experience.
Moreover, the AI Photobooth can be customized for different event themes, further enhancing user experience and engagement. The technology's potential for creating personalized, AI-enhanced mementos offers an exciting opportunity for event organizers to provide a unique and memorable experience for attendees.


The 'Face of Finance' campaign demonstrates the transformative power of the AI Photo Booth. OutSnapped's innovative AI Photobooth technology was integral to the campaign's success, proving itself to be a powerful tool for combating bias and promoting diversity. With its future-ready technology, OutSnapped is set to lead the charge in transforming the way we capture, share and engage with our memories.

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