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Empowering Wellness Selfies from Snap to Share powered by OutSnapped Photo Experiences.

Photos, Animated GIFS, Boomerangs, Oh My!

OutSnapped is like having a pro photographer on site 24/7/365 who knows how to take the BEST selfies for social media AND continually does your marketing heavy lifting for you!

Tastefully Branded User Generated Content

Over the last decade OutSnapped has figured out how to harness the power of photography from snap to share!

A Photo Experience makes it exciting for your clients to champion your brand and the great time they had with you.

Content So Great That Your Guests Will Share It & So Can You!

OutSnapped streamlines sharing photos on socials and your @SocialHandle and #AwesomeHashtag can even be included in the message for your client to copy and paste.

adult athlete body 414029

It’s never been easier for your clients to show off how fabulous your services are.


Strengthen the customer & instructor relationships by sharing photo moments together in OutSnapped’s Beautifying Ring Light.


Confidence is contageous and we’re confident that your customers will feel so great after a workout that they’ll gladly share their branded selfie with their friends, family and followers.

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OutSnapped Beauty Booth™


Our Clients LOVE OutSnapped!

But you don’t have to take our word for it:

  • OutSnapped has been the perfect addition to several of our events at House of Yes creating a customized, fun and memorable experience for our entire community!
    — Olyvia Salyer, VP of Special Events and Partnerships at House of Yes
  • We loved using OutSnapped for our event because everything went so smoothly. Not only did it go off without a hitch, but the photos came out looking great. Even if you didn’t come to the party, you felt its energy because of all the great photos people were sharing on Instagram.
    — The Standard Hotel’s Marketing Director
  • OutSnapped was an awesome installation at The Monster Cycle that drove engagement from clients---both on social media and in-studio with each other IRL! We were able to change out our overlays for specific events and the Outsnapped team was always super helpful any time we had questions.
    — The Monster Cycles’ Leigh Barton, Director of Marketing

Everyone wants to show off when they’re feeling great! Empower your clients to easily share after their after workout glow by encouraging your clients to participate in a tastefully branded Wellness Selfie Photo Booth Experience.


The OutSnapped Beautification Station™ is fun for clients while seamlessly running your marketing surveys, client contests, delivering calls to action.


While we specialize in permanent installations, we can also accommodate one-off special events. Get in touch below to get OutSnapped:

Select Clients:

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  • Pepsi Logo
  • W Hotels logo logotype
  • The Standard Logo
  • Hard Rock Hotel logo
  • Heineken Logo
  • LeSportsac Logo
  • MTV Logo
  • Citi Logo
  • Diesel Logo
  • Panasonic Logo
  • fast company 2x
  • Calvin Klein Logo
  • Cafe Bustelo Logo
  • Pandora Logo
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