10 Reasons Your Retail Store Needs a Photo Booth

by Nicholas Rhodes
Last Updated on November 29, 2022
Outsnapped's retail photo booth creates branded user generated content

Make your customers remember your retail store when they visit by implementing a photo booth inside. Learn the reasons to Install one here.

In 2020, the Photo Booth Market was valued at $400 million. By 2027, it is estimated to reach a worth of $1 billion

The demand for user-generated content is higher than ever. Social media encourages the use of social sharing through tagging and uploading content. Selfie photos are a powerful form of self-expression and for sharing experiences with a user's followers.

With 90% of businesses failing, how can you generate more interest in your retail store? Invest in a photo booth experience. In this guide, we'll explain the benefits of having a photo booth in your retail store.

If you're interested in learning about photo booths, then keep reading for more beneficial information.

1. A Photo Booth Will Get People into Your Store

Many photo booths focus on the nostalgia factor. They combine the old and the new to make a great novelty item. The appearance of one alone is enough to entice customers to walk through the door to check it out.

A traditional photo booth prints out a series of wallet-sized photos or stickers on the spot that can be shared amongst friends. While camera phones have become more prominent than ever, nothing beats a physical keepsake.

There are now digital options as well that allow for emailing, downloading, or posting the photos directly to social media. Gone are the days of the old-fashioned square box photo booths with a curtain.

Today's modern photo booths can convert just 10 square feet of your store's space into an experiential marketing wonderland. With OutSnapped's best practices playbook, you're going the extra mile to turn your store into a mini Instagram-style museum and photo gallery incorporated with custom branded backdrops and sets.

When people passing by see how much fun customers are having in your store, they will definitely want to come in and participate. Their participation will begin a new "phygital marketing" journey with perspective customers.

These photo booths can automatically capture guest experiences or they can scan a QR code with their phones to use a web-based app for customization and capture.

Your customers will love using your photo booth to take their own spontaneous pictures and they'll remember the experiences they had and the memories they recorded in your store's fun photo booth. They'll be eager to return and to take more photos or create TikTok Style videos with their friends and browse your new merchandise while they're in the store.

2. A Photo Booth Is a Great Marketing Tool

Everlast branded futurefoto
Branded FutureFoto

In this era of booming social media platforms, it makes sense to implement a dedicated social media-enabled photo booth in your store. Potential customers will want to upload their photos for social sharing. A photo booth is an imaginative way to inspire user-generated content while promoting your store at the same time.

OutSnapped's design team can help you create digital assets so that your store's name, logo, and brand vibes are included with the user-generated content. You can even add your social media handles and come up with hashtags for sharing across multiple social media channels. This increases awareness of your brand and boosts your presence on social media apps.

This is not only a tangible memory for your customers to enjoy, it also creates a valuable form of audience engagement with your target demographic. Other users who see this content online will want to visit your store too. 

BONUS: Not only will your customers be snapping and sharing, they will also be creating a library of branded assets your marketing teams can share across your most popular platforms as well. For example, a favorite photo of the week can be shared in your email marketing campaigns.

In store photo booth for retail

3. A Photo Booth Offers an Interactive Experience 

Customers are more likely to remember stores that provide a unique and interactive experience. With a photo booth, you are offering a personalized hands-on, and immersive display that is enjoyable and amusing.

Many photo booths today are voice or motion-activated. They allow for choosing different frames, filters, digital props, backgrounds, and effects. There are also options to create short videos or GIF animations that customers can email to themselves for use later on.

The more a customer can play around with the different photo booth options, the longer they will be engaged in your store. Customers will want to try as many options as possible. 

This is a fantastic way to build your customer base as you are giving them something that is entertaining and memorable. 

4. A Photo Booth Connects You to Your Customers 

Retail customers using outsnapped in-store photo booth
A Photo Booth Connects You to Your Customers 

With newer digital options for modern photo booths, a customer now has the option to now input their email address, social media profile handle, or phone number to receive a copy of their selfie. By doing this, they are opting in to share their contact information with your business.

You can add this information to your retail marketing database to send out promotional material for your brand. Data collection in exchange for free photos is a win-win. You grow and build your customer base with audience engagement tools and they can have fun user-generated material for social sharing.

You'll gain better insight into your customer demographics. This will help increase your retail marketing list and improve your advertising strategies. 

An in-store photo booth enables your customers to share branded photos on their social platforms like instagram

5. A Photo Booth Helps You Stand Out from the Competition

Exposure is everything to stay relevant in today's world. With more and more businesses shuttering their brick and mortar storefronts in favor of online-only businesses. The competition to stand out is fierce.

An in-store interactive photo booth sets you apart from more standard retail stores. You'll have the benefit of added audience engagement to draw customers to your store.

Word-of-mouth referrals from returning customers, along with social media promotions, are a powerful combo for giving your business an edge over your competitors. When you invest in a photo booth, it gives your business a spark that will help revitalize it and adapt it to the changing technological retail landscape.

6. A Photo Booth Attracts Social Media Influencers

Retail photo booth sample content for in store activations
Social Media Influencers Snap & Share Their In-Store Content

Social media influencers are the new lifeblood leading the digital industry of today. Their reviews and opinions can make or break a business. With hundreds of thousands to even millions of followers hanging on their every word and social media post, social sharing is an invaluable tool.

Using a social media photo booth will attract social media influencers to your store. They're always looking for fun and playful ways to bolster their audience engagement. 

With potentially millions of followers waiting in the wings, you'll definitely want to tap into this resource. When social media influencers uses and tags themselves and your store in their posts, it's free promotion for your brand. 

7. A Photo Booth Creates New Brand Impressions

Photo booth analytics
Photo Booth Analytics

While the photo booth has the potential to engage and connect with your customers in the store, it also has an amazing opportunity to create connections outside of the store as well. Using hashtags and social media outlets can have a far-reaching impact all across the web. 

With each post made that is associated with your brand, you are getting new brand impressions. These impressions are crucial for making your brand known outside of your usual and established customer base. Each time a social media user views these posts it also creates the possibility of attracting new and fresh eyes from consumers to follow and engage with your brand. 

8. A Photo Booth Produces Free In-Store Advertising

Aside from the benefit of social media exposure for your brand, the photo booth also creates free advertising you can use in your store. Any photos taken in the social media photo booth can be shared on social media or used for advertising within the store itself.

With the use of a scrolling media wall, the user-generated content can play on a loop in the store for others to see. Putting a message up there that says "Add your photos to our social media wall" with your hashtags will encourage others to want to join in.

Customers will love seeing their photos on display in the store while you're receiving yet another form of free advertising for your brand.

Virtual photo booth scratch off ticket
Virtual photo booth scratch off ticket

9. A Photo Booth Is Great for Promoting In-Store Events

Mother's day in-store photo booth at stadium goods flagship store in nyc
Mother's Day In-Store Photo Booth at Stadium Goods Flagship Store in NYC

For new product releases, collaborations, holidays, and sales events in your store, the photo booth is adaptable for the in-store promotion of your events. Changing the backgrounds, digital props, and filters allows you to customize your promotions. For winter or summer-themed sales, you can add backgrounds and filters to fit these themes. 

Add a store promotion attached to the photo booth, such as a 10% scratch-off ticket, for a photo shared on social media tagged with store location and the particular hashtag during the promotional period. You'll draw in more customers who want to take part in this bonus incentive.

Encourage customers to take a selfie with their favorite product or item to share on social media and they could gain entry into a monthly contest or special raffle to receive free products or gift cards. 

10. A Photo Booth Is Perfect for All Ages

In store retail photo booth at david yurman in new york city
In-Store Retail Photo Booth at David Yurman in New York City

A photo booth's lasting appeal and charm will not only attract your target demographic but also those who are young and young at heart. Everyone loves photo booths, that's why they have become such a staple of birthdays, weddings, and even corporate event functions.

Having a custom photo is a lasting souvenir and a key selling point for many consumers looking for engagement with a business or brand.

Expand your audience engagement through the fun and interactive experience. Even grandparents are getting in on the selfie game today. The extra exposure alone you'll receive can easily pay for the cost of a photo booth.

Picture Perfect Photo Booth Rentals from Outsnapped 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a photo booth itself is a source of unlimited sentiments from its users. Photo Booths tap into our desire for amusement and inspire whimsy. 

Today's consumers are always on a quest for that perfect selfie, silly snap, or engaging social media post. A modern photo booth serves as an outlet for user-generated content for social sharing and store promotion all in one.

If you are looking to invest in a photo booth rental for your retail store, Outsnapped has the solutions you need. 

Contact us today to request a free quote. 

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