HOW TO Take Group Photos with Your Friends in Virtual Event Spaces

by Nicholas Rhodes
Last Updated on November 29, 2022
From branded corporate conventions to personalized get-togethers, a sense of community has always been the secret ingredient to creating meaningful events. With this in mind, we recognize that the ability to connect in person has been compromised, so we’ve developed a new way to capture memorable moments and inspire togetherness through the power of OutSnapped’s artificial intelligence. 

Virtual Photo Booth Stickers and Group Photos Feature:

Our new Add Friends & Stickers Feature allows event guests to take group photos on our Virtual Photo Booth Platform from the comfort and safety of their own homes, inspiring social connection and togetherness.
Here’s how OutSnapped’s Virtual Photo Booth Group Photos Work:
  • Outsnapped virtual photo booth sticker functionality 1 alternate 1536x864 1
  • Add friends corporate 2 2048x1152 1
  • Add friends corporate 3 2048x1152 1
  • Add friends corporate 4 2048x1152 1
  • Add friends corporate 5 2048x1152 1
  • Add friends corporate 6 scaled 1
Group 25Group 163
Use OutSnapped’s Virtual Photo Booth Sticker Sheet to:
  1. Make your online event feel more personable and give your attendees a sense of community and engagement
  2. Give attendees a chance to smile, laugh, connect, share a memory and their personality in a time and place that’s lacking social connections 
  3. Create a shareable, branded moment that connects attendees further to your event and the exhibitors

Click. Capture.

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