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Click. Capture. Connect.

Make your online event memorable and engaging with an OutSnapped virtual photo booth that’s sure to make everyone smile and share.

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Are you looking to engage your guests on a whole new level?

It’s time to bring your attendees together with a virtual photo booth that sets your event apart.

Say goodbye to boring and repetitive events and say and hello to a virtual experience you can’t find anywhere else.

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Make it personal. Make it memorable.

Captivate your audience during your online events by giving them a chance to smile, be creative, have fun, and engage with each other again.

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From Snap to Selfie to Share in 5 Seconds!

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All the features you need to make your event stand out.

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Custom branded portal designed uniquely for your event.

Easy to access and even easier to use. Our virtual booth is browser based, so with no app required and one simple click; guests can experience your booth from all their devices with a custom link or directly imbedded into your event’s website.

OutSnapped's Virtual Photo Booth Samples

Features tailored to your event.

  • Virtual Backgrounds
  • Templates for every format
  • Custom stickers
  • Fun filters
  • Branded overlays
  • Sponsorship Opportunities

Bringing everyone together in one place. In real time!

Your guests can check out the live web gallery of your event to see other attendees pics and animated GIFs right as they are taken. Perfect for your live streamed events!

People miss taking photos together, and our most popular new “Add A Friend” feature allows them to get creative and pose with their friends once again.

Select Clients:

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  • OutSnapped's technology gave us a means to celebrate together, apart, in a really fun way, which is so important during such challenging times. One of our core values is, of course, #Hospitality, and OutSnapped YOU are Hospitality, too. Thank you!
    — Angela Wagner, Hilton Hotels’ Multi-National Payroll Leader

With the recent swell of virtual events, many of our clients have reached out asking us to help them continue to make memories with their friends, families and clients!

OutSnapped’s Virtual Photo Booth Experiences include many of our proprietary features and services you already know and love:

  • Snap Still Photos, Animated GIFs, Boomerang Looping Videos and more!
  • No app download required! Works in browser on your mobile device or computer!
  • Beautification filters in full color & black and white!
  • Customizable overlays, microsites and emails for all content produced!
  • Photo sharing via e-mail, text and everyone’s favorite social platforms!
  • Virtual Green Screen Background Removal!
  • Fully Customizable Experiences for your Event or Brand!
  • Stickers, Virtual Group Photos and more!
  • Analytic reports and data capture galore!


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OutSnapped’s Virtual Photo Booth Experience Is Built For:

  • Viral Marketing Campaigns
  • Webinars
  • Conferences
  • Internal Company Events & Team Meetings
  • Trainings
  • Keynotes
  • Online Dance Party
  • Live Broadcast
  • Virtual Wedding
  • and more!
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Interested in a customized photo experience for your online dance party, viral marketing campaign, conference, webinar, live broadcast, virtual wedding, marketing event? Everyone deserves to look and feel OutSnapped good!

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What is a Virtual Photo Booth?

With all the new internet lingo and technical terms being used today, it can be a little confusing to keep up with everything, so don’t worry if this is the first time you’re hearing of a virtual photo booth. However, it’s simpler than you’d think!

Picture your classic photo booth, maybe at a party or a wedding. Because these enclosed spaces have become unsafe for groups of people, we’ve created a way to bring the fun, picture-taking experience online.

Our virtual booth is an online webpage that allows guests of any event to take timed selfies, use digital props, virtual magic backgrounds, and even pose with friends in virtual group photos – all without ever having to leave the comfort of their own home!

How Does a Virtual Photo Booth Work?

We’ve harnessed the power of the internet to create a unique virtual space that anyone can reach through any device with internet access, from their smartphones to computers to tablets. No downloads or prior preparation are necessary at all, besides using a device with a built in camera (so you can take selfies!)

We’ll do the heavy lifting of setting up the booth with your specified customizations, and when it’s ready, we’ll send you a special link that can be shared with all your event guests. Your guests can then “enter” the booth simply by clicking on the link or scanning a QR Code, then follow on-screen directions that seamlessly guide them through the whole experience.

They’ll first be asked what type of image they want to take, with the options being a still (one image), GIF (a succession of three photos), or a burst (a short video clip that loops. AKA a Boomerang). Before taking a picture, they’ll have the option to “add friends,” a feature wherein users can search and add sticker avatars of their friends or colleagues who have already used the booth. Once the user has taken a selfie or uploaded an image they’re happy with, they can then liven up their photos with digital frames, stickers, and AI-powered virtual backgrounds. Now, the user will be able to send their special selfie to themselves for download or print, allowing them to share it anywhere and everywhere!

Why Virtual Photo Booths?

Although OutSnapped began with building physical in person photo booth experiences, at our core, we’re here to make people smile, and we aren’t going to let any amount of physical distance between people get in the way of our core mission! Physical or virtual, a photo booth is the perfect way to bring an extra element of excitement and joy into any setting. Since pretty much anyone can hop into a virtual booth, you’ll also be able to reach more guests than you may have before due to travel restrictions and conflicting schedules. It’s customizable, flexible, accessible, and best of all, no one has to wait in line!

The digital photos that come with every use of the virtual booth are another amazing plus; no matter where you or your guests are in the world, you’ll forever have souvenirs to share with the world and commemorate unforgettable moments in time.

We understand that there’s no real replacement for in-person interaction and taking photos with your loved ones IRL, but with our virtual booth we offer a unique alternative that can open doors to new possibilities.