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OutSnapped’s Instant High Volume Head-Shot Solution is a Complete Turn-Key Experience with Professional Studio Lighting, Artificial Intelligence Skin Retouching, Real-Time Delivery and more!

OutSnapped Creates a Win-Win Situation for your brand.

Introduce your guests to your brand/services with a unique trade show experience that provides value while capturing invaluable re-marketing data.

Your Guests Get:

A fun experiences, with unlimited photos until your guests snaps the perfect brand new head shot they feel great. They can instantly use their new head shot in their their e-mail signature, LinkedIn profile, their next speaking engagement and more!

Your Brand Gets

• Happy Customers
• Warm Leads via our proprietary custom data capture solutions. Easily collect emails, names, roles using our customizable survey tools.
• Branded mini-site with your logos, customizable copy and links
• Highly visible branding & signage onsite, online & on social media
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High Quality, High Quantity, Delivered Instantly.

OutSnapped’s Headshot-O-Matic turns a headshot photo session into an experience with multiple braded touch points.


We bring a our professional grade photo studio to your event to capture headshots with our proprietary automated high-end DSLR and studio strobe lighting system.


Your guests’ photos will move from your trade-show footprint to their LinkedIn profile in a few simple steps!

Our Head Shot photo stations offer instant gratification with live sharing via our proprietary cloud connected photo capture technology.


Our artificial intelligence beautification filters smooth your guests skin imperfections instantly in real time! Available in both color & black & white.


Use our real-time analytics which include total sessions, social impressions, social reach, data collection and more to easily calculate the success of your event!

CASE STUDY: Headshot-O-Matic for Yelp!

FUN FACT: We designed Headshot-O-Matic™ for Yelp’s Community Connection Kickoff!

The Challenge:
Helping local small business owners attach a name to a face … literally!
How We Did It:
To accomplish this goal, we paired our studio lighting with a sleek midnight black backdrop and created a streamlined workflow to take professional head shots. Guests could instantly send and upload photos to help business owners humanize their Yelp Business Pages.
State Recap:

Our two hour long activation yielded:

  • 200+ professional head shots
  • Users shared nearly 300 images via email, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Social media reach of nearly 30,000 impressions
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Make it personal.
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