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Why Consider Photo Booth Rental for Your Next Event?

by Nicholas Rhodes
Last Updated on November 29, 2022
Why consider photo booth rental for your next event

In 2020, the photo booth industry was worth $400 million. Even with a slump during the COVID-19 pandemic, the photo booth industry is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 16% through 2027.

A photo booth rental is a great way to enhance your next corporate event. They are popular event activities for weddings, birthdays, and in-store experiential marketing and promotional tools.

Do you want to know more about how a photo booth rental can improve your next event? This guide highlights the features and advantages of photo booth use in event planning. Keep reading to find more information about the benefits of photo booth rental.

Upgrade Your Next Corporate Event

Conferences and other corporate events have a reputation for being dull. Attendance rates are often not as high as they should be because of the prospect of the same stuffy environment with little to no event activities to look forward to.

A photo booth rental creates an ambiance of fun. The interactive interface of the photo booth encourages attendees to participate and connect. 

A photo booth brings an element of nostalgia to it that people of all ages will be drawn to. Research shows that 46,740 photos are posted to Instagram every minute of the day, and Snapchat profiles share 527,760 photos every minute.

In today's modern culture, social media relies heavily on photos, videos, and animated GIFs. With new photo booth technology, it is now possible to link and upload images directly to social media accounts to post and share. 

Upgrade your next corporate event with outsnapped

Doubles As a Form of Brand Marketing

Photos taken in a photo booth can include a logo or company brand. Then, when uploaded to a social media profile, this brand is prominently displayed on all photos. 

This can help promote your company or brand to a broader audience on social media. Scrolling through their feeds, potential consumers will see these photos posted. They will see how much fun your event attendees are having and will view your company positively. 

When consumers engage with your brand through these photos on social media, it becomes a form of experiential marketing. Consumers are more likely to remember your brand because of the exposure these photos create on social media platforms.

You're tapping into one of the most effective forms of advertising today. With 4 billion people on social media (more than TV and internet ads combined), a little self-promotion can go a long way.

Set Your Event Apart

Anyone who has been to a recent birthday party or wedding that used a photo booth rental knows that they create opportunities for fun.

The prospect of a photo booth rental Attendees enjoy scrolling through the backdrop and prop options on the screen. Attendees will line up eagerly to get their turn to create their own unique and one-of-a-kind photos.

Using a photo booth rental not only makes your event stand out but will also make your next corporate event more memorable in the mind of your attendees. They'll want to come back for other subsequent events in the future just to use the photo booth again. 

Create Networking Opportunities

Sometimes at corporate events, it can be difficult for attendees to engage with one another. A photo booth rental offers a way to break the ice. 

Convention attendees will flock to the photo booth as soon as they can. They'll want to pick through the box of props or browse through the digital on-screen props to create unique shots. 

While looking for ways to have their own photoshoots, they'll be waving others over to join in on the fun. For group shots like a superhero or Charlie's Angels posed photo, they'll need to get their friends and colleagues to participate.

This encourages everyone to let down their defenses and open up to the other attendees. They can connect on social media after the event and build new relationships. This improves employee camaraderie and builds upon and strengthens networking connections.

Create networking opportunities with outsnapped

Create Memories

Your guests will want to take pictures at your event anyway. So why not offer them the perfect way to do it? Practically everyone loves having a unique photo to remember an event. 

Photos from attending events make a terrific digital keepsake. And if you still want to give your attendees a printed hard copy of their shots, that is also an option

Not only are your guests creating great memories for themselves, but you are also getting access to an extensive portfolio of images for your own use. A photo booth rental is like a digital guestbook, an archive you can hold onto. You can show these photos at the end of the event as a look back on the fun you had throughout the event.

More Than Just Still Photos

Attendees who try to take blurry or dark photos at the event with their own phones will become frustrated with not receiving the clear images they desire.

A photo booth takes clear, brightly lit, and high-definition photo-taking functions, so every photo will look its best. But if, for any reason, the image doesn't turn out perfectly, it's easy to try again.

A still photo may be worth a thousand words, but add video and moving image capabilities, and you'll quickly boost that to a million.

A photo booth rental can bring events to life with animations and video clips. It's the next level of integrated digital technology. 

360-degree camera encircles the photo booth user to capture images from every angle. The video can be sped up or slowed down to generate fantastic action shots and 3-D images.

Encourage Event Attendance

Promote the photo booth rental when you advertise your corporate event to pique the interest of potential attendees. If anyone is on the fence about attending, this just might be a good way to sway them. 

Those individuals who choose not to attend the event will get a major case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) when they see the photos posted on social media from the photo booth. This will bolster the attendance for the next event from those who want the opportunity to use the photo booth themselves. 

People who attended the event will also want to tell others about how much fun they had. Either way, your photo booth rental will do its job to spark attention for your event.

Encourage event attendance with photo booths

Provide Custom Photo Experiences

If your corporate event takes place during a specific time of year, you can customize your photo booth experience. Choose unique backgrounds, props, photo frames, and templates for themed events and holiday gatherings.

You can set up green screen backgrounds to give attendees more fun photo options. A photo booth rental takes an ordinary event and makes it extraordinary.

Make Event Planning Easy

When you rent a photo booth for your next event, it takes the guesswork out of planning a significant piece of your event activities. The setup and takedown of a photo booth is a simple process, and it's handled by the company you rent the photo booth from.

The photo booth's simple interface makes it easy to use. A photo booth rental gives hours of interactive amusement. It's an all-in-one entertainment center and a social media marketing tool. 

Costs Less Than Other Forms of Entertainment

The cost of a photo booth rental will vary based on the features and services you choose and the amount of time you wish to rent it. Generally, though, a photo booth rental fee will be much less than the cost it takes to hire live entertainment for a short time.

Hiring a magician or a comedian for about an hour's worth of entertainment can run upwards of $750 up to $1,000 or more. On the other hand, a photo booth rental costs significantly less and provides more engagement for longer.

The free publicity you receive from using a photo booth rental for your next corporate event will be well worth the cost alone.

Fun and Engaging Best Photo Booth Rental Options

Photo booth rentals are an excellent way to increase attendance and improve your event's engagement. A photo booth is also an affordable source of interactive entertainment. From digital props and backgrounds to video effects and GIF creations, a digital photo booth is sure to 'Wow!'

With so many great benefits that can come from a photo booth rental, what are you waiting for? OutSnapped is the best photo booth rental company. We have various photo booth options to make your next corporate event successful.

Contact Us at OutSnapped today for your free photo booth rental quote.

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