A Laughably Fun Guide To Planning a Conference

by Nicholas Rhodes
Last Updated on November 29, 2022
Planning a conference: a laughably fun guide
A laughably fun guide to planning a conference 8

Planning an event can be stressful and hard, but with these tips and tricks, you'll have your next conference planning under control in no time!

The outbreak COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 forced a shutdown of many businesses out of an abundance of caution. This, in turn, caused a transition from live in-person events to online-only virtual events. Virtual events helped maintain safe distances and prevent the virus from spreading.

Now, with COVID-19 finally subsiding, the virtual events of the past two years are expected to return to normal with an estimated 81% of conference events in 2022 containing an in-person element. Conferences provide businesses with vital networking opportunities and ways to market their brand name.

Planning a conference can be a big task. But, planning a fun and memorable in-person event can be an even larger challenge.

If you're looking for creative and entertaining ways to wow your conference attendees, then keep reading this guide for more awesome information to make your next conference unforgettable!

Gather your conference comittee
Gather your conference comittee

Gather Your Conference Committee

Planning a conference is not a one-person job, so it is important that you first assemble a conference committee to help you with conference planning. Assign certain members to different aspects of the planning process such as food, decorations, location, keynote speakers, and entertainment.

By breaking these tasks down into their own individual conference teams, you'll be better able to streamline each item on the agenda. Work together.

Use your conference team to brainstorm ideas. This will ensure that all those involved in planning a conference will make it the best event it can be.

Determine a theme for your conference 26899 3
Who doesn't like a good theme party? Better yet, who doesn't enjoy a fun costume party?

Determine a Theme for Your Conference

A boring and basic conference won't attract a high number of participants. You'll want to create a theme that catches the attention of potential attendees. A fun and engaging theme is more important than ever to attract attendance.

Who doesn't like a good theme party? Better yet, who doesn't enjoy a fun costume party? 2021 saw an influx of adults who wanted to increase their involvement in Halloween with 46% opting to wear costumes

For a conference or event that involves healthcare workers and hospital technologists, a themed party celebrating the Superheroes of Healthcare could involve a whole superhero-themed gala. Having everyone show up dressed as their favorite superhero could be a great ice-breaker amongst attendees too. 

A unique themed event will prove to be a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone who attends.

Choose an interesting location for your conference 26899 4
73% of people polled said they preferred a location that was new or interesting. This could be an unlikely venue like an aquarium or a zoo after dark.

Choose an Interesting Location

Although the prospect of a conference also doubling as a dream Hawaiian vacation is tempting, it may not always be possible budget-wise. But, you don't always have to break the bank or go all out to create a fun event. 

According to a survey from the New York Post, a whopping 73% of people polled said they preferred a location that was new or interesting after-hours. This could be an unlikely venue such as an aquarium rented out for a private event or a zoo after dark. 

Don't get stuck in the same rut of having a conference in a plain hotel ballroom. Yawn. Your guests are already falling asleep. 

But, if you must use a hotel ballroom as a venue, up the ante by hosting a private casino night, incorporating interactive photo displays, or a VR experience. 

Fun Entertainment Is a Must!

As much as you want your event to be about networking opportunities and making your brand name more well-known, hosting a conference also involves finding entertainment for your attendees between workshops or after a long day of networking. 

Planning a conference that people will remember is a balance of being informative with your attendees and also providing them with a little fun along the way.

Having great entertainment is also a fantastic way to begin and end your conference on a high note. In a way, you are rewarding those in attendance with an experience they won't get just anywhere. 

Popular choices for entertainment may include a stand-up comedian, an illusionist, a hypnotist, or an improvisational troupe. Or a combination of a few different entertainers together. You may even consider hiring a group of circus performers to have your own "Evening Under the Big Top."

Decorate to Celebrate

If your company has had a hard few years due to the pandemic, now you can be back and better than ever. Don't get us wrong. Virtual events were great for what they were, but nothing beats a real live party.

The atmosphere of being somewhere new and having engaging experiences is what we all missed in 2020 when the world came to a standstill. No going out for dancing, drinks, and socialization turned out to be a real buzzkill. 

Don't cheap out on some crepe paper streamers and a few balloon arches. Make your guests audibly "Wow!" when they walk in. Go for the gusto!

Projection screens and interactive photo and light displays are popular ways now to kick an event up a notch or two. Even fireworks displays can be utilized in some places to add to your conference's festivities. And don't forget the music!

Serve Epic Food and Drink 

Encourage your attendees to eat, drink, and be merry! No one has a good time on an empty stomach. Hangry guests won't remember your conferences fondly. So, when planning a conference, don't skimp on the food.

Offering a custom omelet or pancake bar to serve your conference attendees a delicious breakfast before they dive into a full day of making networking connections will make them flip for you. If the way to a man or woman's heart is through the stomach, then you've already sealed the deal there.

They'll be hungry to get into the nitty-gritty of the day's activities, but a growling stomach won't get in their way now. Offering delicious snacks throughout the day and a sumptuous dinner in the evening with custom cocktails will have your attendees eating out of the palm of your hand.

Outsnapped virtual and hybrid photo booths
Virtual, in-person, and hybrid photo experience with outsnapped

Make the Experience Interactive and One-of-a-Kind

Hosting a conference shouldn't be a dull experience. When you're planning a conference, implement opportunities for engagement from your attendees. With 92 million selfies taken each day, the answer is clear.

A fantastic way for your conference guests to remember their time and make networking opportunities at the same time is through the use of a photo booth. But not of those old-fashioned ones they used to have in the mall. This is a modern digital photo booth experience.

You may have seen one at a friend or family member's wedding or birthday. Well, they can be just as fun and engaging for corporate events as well. 

Digital photo booths also have the capability for use in virtual events and hybrid in-person/online events too. So even those who couldn't make it in person to the event can still be part of the fun. No more major FOMO, well, maybe just a little.

Use your own props or try digital props that appear right on the screen. Attendees can even create their own GIFs, Boomerangs, 3D creations, or mini videos and have them sent to their phone or email to upload on their own social media accounts. An open-air FutureFoto booth is the perfect way to encourage selfie fun for everyone.

You can have special backgrounds, hashtags, and your company's brand name appear on the screen for the photos. Use green screen backgrounds to create awesome augmented reality photoshoot opportunities. 

360 photo booth for high resolution video
Our 360 photo booth has been our number one request of 2022!

One of the coolest features though has to be the 360º Video and Photo Booth which takes a photo in motion all the way around. You can choose to slow it down or speed it up for super fun action shots. Generate rich high-resolution and high-definition shots. 

Meet your attendees mid-event. Use a mobile FotoRover to catch your attendees while they mingle and engage in networking opportunities.

Virtual photo booth samples
OutSnapped's Sample Photos

Capture the Memories!

Photo booths create memories. They are so engaging and fun. Everyone will want a turn, or two, (or three!) to try it out for themselves.

Conference attendees who connected with each other will want to take pictures with their newly found colleagues. Best of all, these photos can go directly to your company's social media feeds, so everyone can see what a blast you're all having.

You can even display these photos on a feed to play on-screen before, during, and after the events of the day. You'll already have your archive reel all ready to go to play at the culmination of the event. 

If you do want your attendees to receive physical copies of their photos printed out, that's still an option too with a traditional photo booth rental. As a bonus, these photos are a great keepsake. This is especially true if you give your attendees a swag bag with photo keychains and photo magnet holders. 

Your photo booth is certain to make you the star of your next conference.

Make Planning a Conference Fun With Photo Booths from OutSnapped

If you're planning a conference, don't go boring and dull. The fun has just begun with interactive photo booth displays and your conference attendees will be laughing all night long. OutSnapped can help you make it truly spectacular and memorable.

OutSnapped offers so many great ways to engage your conference attendees and provide unique experiences. You'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. Let us help you customize the photo booth options you need to make your next event one they won't soon forget.

Contact Us today to receive a free quote for photo booth options for your next event.

Click. Capture.

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