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Introduction to the "Automagical" Campaign

by Nicholas Rhodes
Last Updated on December 26, 2023

Intuit’s campaign comes as more brands are starting to use outsnapped's ai-powered experiences to draw first-party data from consumers.
Intuit’s campaign comes as more brands are starting to use outsnapped's ai-powered experiences to draw first-party data from consumers.

In an era where technology and creativity intersect, Intuit's "Automagical" campaign stands out as a beacon of innovation in the realm of digital marketing. With the advent of artificial intelligence reshaping industries, Jason Mitchell, CEO of Movement Strategy, aptly captures the essence of this transition, stating,

 "With the dawn of this new era of artificial intelligence comes a profound sense of uncertainty about what the future holds. But the future can be fun too." 

Automagical was launched to demonstrate Intuit's  AI-driven expertise and connect with a contemporary audience. This sentiment is clearly showcased throughout the global fintech leader's campaign.

Intuit launched a strategic collaboration with Movement Strategy for creative direction and with OutSnapped for groundbreaking AI technology, emphasizing that the "Automagical" campaign was more than just a demonstration of Intuit's financial prowess. This unique digital campaign represented a visionary step in the use of advanced AI, showcasing how these technological advancements can transform digital marketing and user engagement in a dynamic, interactive way. This campaign showcased Intuit's capabilities and also established them as a company willing to  embrace the adventurous and transformative potential of Generative AI.

Graphic illustration of outsnapped's ai platform, the driving force behind intuit's automagical campaign
Outsnapped's advanced ai platform, the backbone of personalized user engagement in the automagical campaign.

OutSnapped's Pivotal Role

OutSnapped's AI platform offers a personalized experience in the realm of financial interaction. This patent-pending technology moves beyond generic algorithms to create a more 'Automagical' experience, where the AI tailors interactions based on individual financial identities. For example, a user might be asked a question such as "What's your spending style?" The response to this and similar questions would inform the AI, which would then assign a financial aura color to the user.

These aura colors represent various financial personas, each with unique traits. For instance, a 'Red' aura might indicate a user who is aggressive in investment strategies, and willing to take higher risks for potential higher rewards. On the other hand, a 'Green' aura might be assigned to a user whose financial behavior is characterized by a cautious and nurturing approach, prioritizing long-term stability over immediate gains.

The platform's custom avatars serve as a visual embodiment of the user's financial persona. The avatars add an engaging visual layer to the experience, making finance more approachable and personalized.

Comparing one's financial aura to a rubric or legend allows users to understand their financial identity better and see how it relates to others. This comparison can lead to insights into spending habits, investment preferences, and risk tolerance. By offering a mirror to one's financial psyche, OutSnapped's AI platform not only engages users but also educates them, potentially guiding them toward more informed financial decisions.

Interactive microsite design of intuit's automagical campaign featuring ai-driven financial tools.
A peek into the automagical microsite, blending technology and creativity for an engaging financial experience.

Strategic Technology Integration

The integration of OutSnapped’s first-to-market, patent-pending AI photo booth into the campaign was crucial. In partnership with Movement Strategy, its proprietary software was central to developing the "Automagical" microsite, the campaign's interactive hub. This integration exemplified the fusion of AI with creative marketing, aligning with Intuit's mission to make finance more accessible. The collaboration of OutSnapped's AI with Movement Strategy's narrative skills set a new standard in digital marketing.

Vibrant illustration of social media influence in promoting intuit's automagical campaign.
The vital role of social media in driving engagement and interaction in the automagical campaign.

Campaign Execution and Reach

The "Automagical" campaign's execution was a critical component of its success, particularly in its intentional appeal to younger, tech-savvy audiences. Central to this success was the campaign's innovative use of AI-generated avatars, which resonated strongly with Gen Z consumers. As highlighted by Ad Age, "The AI-generated portraits created a buzz amongst Gen Z consumers which accounted for 61% of the total audience." This statistic underscores the campaign's effective engagement with this key demographic, demonstrating the potent combination of innovative technology and targeted marketing strategies.

In deploying these generative AI features, the campaign successfully tapped into the preferences and behaviors of Gen Z, a group known for its appreciation of digital innovation and personalized experiences. The campaign's digital hub, the "Automagical" microsite, served as a dynamic platform for interaction, inviting users to explore the world of personal finance in a way that was both engaging and informative, making finance feel more approachable and relatable to a younger audience.

This strategic focus on engaging Gen Z was further amplified through various social media channels. The campaign effectively leveraged influencer partnerships across Instagram and TikTok. Influencers shared and demonstrated the unique features of the microsite on each platform. This approach capitalized on the influencers' ability to connect with their followers, driving significant engagement and interaction, and ultimately, translating into a strong online presence and enhanced visibility for the campaign.

Infographic summarizing the success and key metrics of intuit's automagical campaign.
A graphical representation of the remarkable impact and results achieved by the automagical campaign.

Impact and Results

The "Automagical" campaign marked a significant milestone in digital marketing, among Gen Z consumers, and caught the attention of trend-spotter Ad Age. Key metrics underscore this success: 

  • the campaign's microsite attracted 15,000 visits
  • The Generative AI content garnered approximately 572,000 total engagements​​​​.
  • Gen Z accounted for 61% of the total audience,
  • Influencer collaborations further amplified the impact, generating 1.1 million video views across various social platforms​​. 

This success not only highlights the campaign's reach but also demonstrates the potential of Gen AI to transform marketing strategies. By providing interactive, educational, and empowering experiences, our initiative enhanced the understanding of personal finance, making it more relatable and accessible to a broader audience.

Illustration depicting the future trajectory of ai in marketing, inspired by intuit's campaign.
Envisioning the future of digital marketing through the lens of the automagical campaign.

Conclusion: Redefining Digital Marketing

The "Automagical" campaign, a pioneering initiative by Intuit in collaboration with Movement Strategy and OutSnapped, has set a new benchmark in the realm of digital marketing -harnessing the power of generative AI. Adobo Magazine encapsulates the campaign’s success with the following quote:

“To help customers embrace AI’s limitless possibilities, Intuit teamed with Movement Strategy for its 'Automagical' campaign, a fun, multi-part effort to bring a dash of magic to social media while showcasing the benefit of Intuit’s human experts powered by AI."

By blending state-of-the-art Generative AI technology with creative storytelling and social media engagement, the "Automagical" campaign has not only showcased Intuit's expertise in financial technology but also transformed the way users perceive and interact with AI in their daily lives.

Through its creative approach, "Automagical" has managed to break down the complexities of personal finance, presenting it in a manner that is not just easy to understand but also enjoyable and engaging.

In conclusion, the "Automagical" campaign stands as a testament to the transformative power of AI in digital marketing. It exemplifies how technology, when thoughtfully integrated with marketing strategies, can create experiences that are not only interactive and informative but also emotionally resonant. As the industry continues to evolve, the insights and successes of this campaign offer valuable lessons for future AI-driven marketing initiatives.

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