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The 5 Best Virtual Event Platforms For Converting Your In Person Event

by Nicholas Rhodes
Last Updated on August 28, 2023

We Picked Our Favorite Virtual Event Platforms Just for You!

We understand how important live events are to boosting your brand and connecting with audiences. We’ve identified the best virtual events platforms to turn an online event into an unforgettable experience.
As we all adjust to changing conditions, virtual and hybrid events are becoming part of the “New Normal.” This doesn’t mean your events have to be any less exciting and engaging! A vast variety of event platforms have emerged in response to the new normal, allowing hosts and attendees alike to interact, share resources, and celebrate like never before. 
 Moving your event from in-person to online can sound tricky and cumbersome, but with the right tools, you’ll be more than ready to impress your audience with ease. Over the past few months, we’ve provided virtual photo booth services for many of our clients who were quickly pivoting their in-person events to online virtual events. 
It quickly became very apparent that there was no shortage of virtual event platforms, yet no one knew which to use for their event pivot. We researched 50+ virtual event platforms and we’ve handpicked a list of five different browser-agnostic Virtual Event Platforms (and a handful of runner-ups) that will make it easy to host, promote, attend, entertain and enjoy your own events, all from the comfort of your own home!

Our Top 5 Picks of Virtual Event Platforms:
Airmeet virtual event platform
Screenshot of airmeet virtual event platform
Airmeet is an all-inclusive event hosting platform optimized for events of any size, from workshops to large webinars. As a browser-agnostic software, Airmeet allows users to host, publicize, and manage registration for their events all directly from the website. Their “Social Lounge” feature facilitates live networking opportunities for attendees, while hosts can prepare in the “Backstage” feature before entering the “Stage” for live streaming.
  • Stream directly from the site with “Backstage” and “Stage” distinction
  • An audience can interact with Chat, Q&A with upvoting, and Raise Hand features
  • Make events public for anyone to find and join
  • Manage event registration
  • Attendees use “Social Lounge” for networking

Hopin virtual platform
Screenshot of hopin virtual platform
Hopin is an entirely browser-based platform with a variety of engaging features structured to host public/private events with panels, speakers, and networking opportunities. The centralized structure allows thousands of attendees to easily access the homepage, streams, chats, and other participants, while hosts can stream directly from the site and feature expo booths that endorse event sponsors.
  • Stream directly from the site with one or multiple speakers
  • Use chat feature for both live stream and panel discussions
  • See sponsor info and offers
  • Browse other attendees and send networking invitations
  • Data analytics available for event and ticket sales

Brella virtual event platform screen shot
Brella is an event hosting platform that emphasizes its ability to match event-goers with one another using AI, streamlining the networking process. While hosts prepare to launch their virtual or hybrid events, attendees can easily access the live streaming platform, find event info, and schedule their own meetings with new connections. Their friendly interface, event guides, and data analytics simplify and optimize the hosting process.
  • Link or embed live streams from any provider or video chat 1:1 through Brella
  • Access a thorough scheduling system that accounts for time zone and stream links
  • Upload resources/files ahead of time for attendees to access
  • Feature sponsor/exhibitor booths for event monetization
  • Track marketing measures, event engagement, and audience interest with data

Bigmarker virtual event platform screen shot
BigMarker facilitates webinars, virtual conferences, and other web events through its online platform, allowing any number of speakers to stream within the platform and on other sites like Facebook and Youtube. The platform boasts a variety of functions and uses, including live, on-demand, or automated videos and series, as well as meeting spaces and integrations with marketing tools. Hosts can embed recordings to their own sites for further interaction and more views.
  • Stream directly on the site with screen share, recording, and mark-up features
  • An audience can access Public/Private Chat, Q&A with upvoting, and Polls/Quizzes
  • Upload files before/during the presentation
  • Integrates with marketing, email, CRM, and other apps
  • Use pop-ups during a presentation to prompt audience action or next steps

Splashthat screenshot 1 of 2
SplashThat is an event marketing and hosting platform that focuses on event customization and branding, allowing hosts to advertise their events across platforms, manage registration and attendance, capture event data, and connect their streams from other virtual platforms like Zoom, Youtube, and Vimeo. Additionally, this site can integrate with services like Slack and Google Analytics as well as optimize workflow when managing event campaigns.
  • Connect streams from virtual providers into the main event hosted on SplashThat
  • Extensive marketing tools and applications for tracking engagement
  • Create content that can appear before and after the event
  • Highly customizable interface and branding

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We’d also like to include some other virtual event platforms that are too cool to go without mention! Each equipped with unique features and functions, these event software are definitely worth checking out to see how they might help bring your next event to the next level:
Eventmobi virtual event platform illustration

EventMobi is an all-encompassing event management service that includes tools for marketing, registration, scheduling, networking, gamification, and much more. It allows users to host hybrid and virtual events by streaming right on the site, but also has tools for in-person events.

HeySummit is a marketing platform that helps users organize online summits. Hosts can manage registration, analytics, display additional event info, and onboard speakers, and the platform integrates with streaming platforms like Vimeo, youtube, zoom, etc. to embed live streams into the event.

Remo is an interactive service that supports virtual networking conferences as well as a remote office experience. The platform provides virtual “rooms” and “tables” that users can join to video chat with others in the same space, recreating an office or conference setting.

Hubilo is an event management software that facilitates the process of creating websites and/or apps to handle registration, ticketing, networking, and hosting webinars or other virtual events. It includes resources to optimize marketing, engagement, and onsite check-in, simplifying the hosting process.

EventZilla is an “all in one” event registration platform for both in-person and virtual events. Users create their own landing page where guests can register, see the agenda, check-in, and take surveys to better inform hosts. The platform also facilitates promotions and networking.

VFairs is a software wherein hosts can develop virtual 3D spaces for trade shows, conferences, job fairs, exhibitions, and more. Guests travel through the virtual space and view pre-made content as well as live presentations, while VFairs provides the host with marketing, live event support, and analytics.

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Zimmy Kang

Zimmy Kang is a design student at Carnegie Mellon University with an interest in UX, UI and digital marketing.

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