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Why You Should Have a Photo Booth in Addition To a Wedding Photographer

by Nicholas Rhodes
Last Updated on August 24, 2023
Why you should have a photo booth for fun and memorable moments at your wedding

Weddings are the most exciting and equally stressful time for newly engaged couples. Planning a wedding needs a lot of time and effort, which you must strive to achieve now that you have been dreaming about it for years.

You need a venue, a perfect wedding dress, decor, a wedding photographer, and many other essentials. While planning all these, the thought of adding a photo booth crosses your mind. Is it worth it? Should you consider having a photo booth in addition to a wedding photographer?

The answer is yes! A photo booth will make your wedding a whole lot better. If you have doubts, this guide will educate you on why having a photo booth is brilliant.

Benefits of Having a Photo Booth at Your Wedding in Addition to a Wedding Photographer

There are several benefits of having a photo booth at your wedding. Here are some of them.

A couple taking silly photos in a photo booth with their guests.
In addition to having a wedding photographer, learn about the benefits of having a photo booth at your wedding and how it can create fun and memorable moments for all your guests.

Create Fun and Memorable Moments

A photo booth is a creative way of creating fun and memorable moments at your wedding. There is a wide range of photo booth props, allowing guests to express their creativity and characters. The booth's privacy allows all guests to be themselves, regardless of their age. This is a time of great fun for everybody, from young kids to older grandparents. If the event has an overnight afterparty, guests will enjoy endless entertainment. A photo booth creates memorable moments that guests can cherish forever. You have a friend you last met in high school, and several years later, you take cute snaps in a photo booth at your wedding — how memorable can that be!

Couples also get time to interact with guests. In many cases, couples lament that they didn't have time to interact with guests. Thanks to photo booths, they can interact with guests during and after the wedding and even take a few snaps with them. This is killing two birds with one stone! Guests can also interact amongst themselves as they line up at the photo booth. Couples and those needing some privacy and time away from the loud dance floors can go to the photo booth and take cute pics. The excitement and fun that comes with photo booths are truly remarkable, and you should definitely consider adding them to your list!

Group of guests of different ages waiting in line to use the photo booth.
Find out why adding a photo booth to your wedding can supplement the entertainment and keep your guests excited during spare time.

Keep Guests Entertained During Spare Time

Weddings can be an entertaining time for guests. Photo booths supplement the entertainment and keep guests more excited. They have become a new normal at weddings, given their key role. Five or ten years ago, photo booths were not as popular as they are now. The changing times have made them essential at such events nowadays. It is quite common to hear wedding guests ask, ‘where is the photo booth?’ You wouldn't want to deny them this captivating moment by failing to add a photo booth to your list of items! Guests of all ages can hop into the booth and take a few snaps with their long-lost friends or new people they just met at the wedding. The spontaneousness that comes with photo booths gives your wedding guests an entertaining and exciting time. The rush to get into the booth, waiting in line for your chance, the goofiness, and every moment associated with the photo booth is a truly remarkable time.

A photo strip with different poses and props used in the photo booth.
How a photo booth can highlight your wedding theme and accessories

Highlight Your Wedding Theme and Accessories

You had your dream wedding with the best theme you can think of, but how can you keep the memories forever? A photo booth helps capture all the memorable details of your wedding, from the beautiful dress to the specific accessories including stunning diamond wedding rings,  bridal veil you selected for your wedding day. A photo booth will also come in handy if you want a detailed photo of your makeup or hairstyle. Such snaps can be taken in a manner you want them, without the influence of a professional photographer.

Couples sometimes complain that they never had an opportunity to take selfies or intimate pictures on their wedding day. With photo booths, you can take many snaps to capture your mood while highlighting your accessories.

A couple flipping through a guest book made from the printed photos taken at the photo booth.
Learn how a photo booth can add variety to your wedding photo collection and give you and your guests a range of professional and goofy photos to treasure.

Add Variety to Your Wedding Photo Collection

Photo booths allow the event to have a variety of wedding photos — both professional and goofy photos. Some people are shy and might not strike the best pose when confronted by a photographer. This might affect their pose and composure in a picture that should be immortalized forever in the wedding album. Such individuals can have their own session in the photo booth where they can take photos comfortably.

They will be away from the public glare and get to be themselves. Composure is key to taking perfect photos that they are content with. Since the photo booth has more privacy than the dance floor or dining area, couples can have a little session where they take alternative pictures. Your wedding album will be more captivating with some of the pictures taken in the booth and others taken by professionals. Adding variety to your wedding photo collection is highly recommended.

Give Your Guests Something to Take Home

Thanks to photo booths, you can give your guests something to take home. One of the major benefits of photo booths is that they also double as guest books. Instead of asking your guests to sign in a simple ledger, a photo booth is a more exciting alternative. It provides context to the day's events as each image can be quickly printed out and signed. This makes a memorable guestbook that your visitors can take home. It is also great memorabilia for the bride and groom. In some cases, the newly married couple sends a book of photos on request from wedding guests. This helps create an additional revenue stream. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to consider having a photo booth at your wedding!

Where Should Your Photo Booth Be Located at a Wedding?

There is no specific place a photo booth can be positioned at a wedding. However, several spots can serve well, depending on the nature of the wedding venue. Besides, there are also several spots where a photo booth shouldn't be placed whatsoever. In events like weddings, lines at the photo booth tend to get really long. Therefore, it is important to place the photo booth in an out-of-the-way space.

Let it be away from crowded places to allow room for those using it. With that in mind, your wedding planner might suggest an ideal spot to place the photo booth. Also, you can ask the venue managers for an ideal place the booth can operate. Most commercial wedding events have designated places for photo booths. It is vital that you avoid placing it in the middle of the dance floor and tables because guests might easily stumble and fall. You can imagine how chaotic it can be having people line up on the dance floor. If it is a closed venue, consider placing the photo booth in another room to control guests. This will prevent them from getting in each other's way.


Having photo booths at your wedding is an excellent idea that will help create more memories. Photo booths will also entertain your guests and give them something to take home. Therefore, if you are planning a wedding, don't forget to include photo booths.

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