The Perfect Photo Booth, The Perfect Backdrop, The Perfect Wedding

by Nicholas Rhodes
Last Updated on November 29, 2022

Picking the Perfect Photo Booth Backdrop for Your Wedding Photo Booth

Venue? Check. Photographer? Check. Photo booth? We got you!
Wedding photographers are naturally one of the first things you book for your big day and photo booths are growing so much in popularity that they are now also considered wedding staples.

Makeup artist and recent newlywed Ivey Ray agrees: “I know how important photos are. Many guests mentioned that the photo booth was their favorite part of my wedding! I’m so grateful I didn’t overlook this important touch and was thrilled to be able to send them home with a fun memento from the best day of our lives!”

Newly wed ivey ray plays in the outsnapped black & white futurefoto in front of a fashion grey backdrop
Weddings are ALL about Planning Ahead!
Photo booths are all the rave, and you don’t want to get left out. Maybe our open-air FutureFoto booth is the perfect option for you! It can fit almost anywhere, and it features our Beautifying Ring Light that makes you look like a million bucks.  

Newly wed ivey ray strikes a post in outsnapped’s black & white futurefoto in front of a midnight black backdrop.
“The ring light OutSnapped uses for their photos is absolutely essential for looking like the star of a fancy photo shoot! I can’t believe how incredible my skin looked!” – Ivey Ray
Once you’ve booking the wedding photo booth that’s right for you, then you have to pick your backdrop. Lucky for you, at OutSnapped we’ve got lots of great options.
Which Photo Booth Backdrop is right for YOU?
Want a photo booth backdrop that’s simple but timeless? Or a premium backdrop that’s just “extra” enough without being over-the-top? Or maybe you want to transport your guests somewhere else entirely without ever leaving the venue using our Green Screen technology!

Whatever your heart desires, we have something for you. Check out our picks for six classic and four luxury photo booth backdrops below.

Click. Capture.

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