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How Much Does a Wedding Photo Booth Rental Cost?

by Nicholas Rhodes
Last Updated on August 24, 2023
How much does a wedding photo booth rental cost

Did you know that roughly 2.5 million weddings were expected to occur in 2022 and even more in 2023!? You're probably thinking of ways to make your wedding one of a kind, and a private photo booth is guaranteed to create lasting memories. These coveted photos capture your most cherished moments and tell the story of your big day.

If you're interested in a photo booth rental for your special day, you've probably also been wondering about the cost of a photo booth rental for your upcoming wedding. 

This helpful guide answers all your questions and more, so be sure to keep reading for information you won't want to miss about wedding photo booth rentals. 

What Is a Photo Booth?

A photo booth is essentially a portable kiosk geared for taking candid pictures of you and your friends and family. You can use them with or without props and have a variety of backdrops to choose from. 

They're either self-serve (DIY) or hosted by an attendant. They're great for helping shy guests get up and break the ice, and provide hours of entertainment.

Photo Booth Equipment

Typically, a photo booth comes with a professional attendant who sets the equipment up, breaks it down, and troubleshoot if necessary. 

These enclosed kiosks - or booths - can have customizable green screens, are complete with a digital camera, and have an LCD screen so you can see yourself before the picture is taken. These previews are essential if you're planning on sharing the pictures via social media.  

Photo booths also come with an array of physical or augmented reality silly props. 

Average Photo Booth Rental Cost

Depending on where you are based, on average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $4,500 for a 3-hour photo booth rental. The price range is based on whether or not you hire a booth attendant and include prints. If you hire an attendant and include prints, you can expect to pay roughly $2,500. 

You may even pay as little as a few hundred dollars if you opt for a DIY photo booth. This type of booth rental often comes without a time limit, so you and your guests can enjoy the photo booth all night long. 

Remember that this price doesn't include a tip if you opt for an attendant. 

The type of photo booth you rent also affects the price. For example, more expensive photo booths feature mirror selfies and 360-degree photos.

Self-service photo booths, deliverable by mail, are the most economical. These can cost as low as a few hundred dollars. 

Here's a complete breakdown of photo booth rentals by type, so you have a better understanding of what you can expect to pay. 

Attended Booth

For an attended booth without physical prints (only digital prints), you can expect to pay $1.500 to $2,000, on average. If you opt for prints, you'll pay roughly another $750-$1,000. 

Some companies include props and others charge a nominal fee. Tips for your attendant are usually 20%. 

DIY (Self-Service) Booth

A DIY booth is roughly $1000 to $1,550 without physical prints (digital only).

There's no additional charge per hour since you have these booths for the entire day, and there's no gratuity since you don't have to hire an attendant. They're by far the most economical choice. 

DIY Backdrop Ideas

If you're investing in a DIY photo booth, then you'll need some backdrop ideas

For a floral-themed wedding, you can create a faux floral wall for guests to pose in front of. 

You can also let guests create special messages for you and set up a DIY chalkboard backdrop for guests to have fun with and create messages on. 

A Polaroid cutout frame is another excellent way of creating DIY backdrops for your photo booth, and you can customize it with the happy couples' names. 

Glittery backdrops are also perfect for any wedding DIY photo booth. Remember to include plenty of wedding-themed party props for guests to pose with. 

Wedding 360 photobooth
Wedding 360 photobooth

360 Booth

360 booth provides your guests with even more entertainment than they thought possible, and gives your wedding a one-of-a-kind feel. You can expect to pay $2,500 to $4,600 for a 360 video booth. Remember that videos don't print so all of your output will be digital video files.  

These booths are $750 to $900 per hour over your agreed-upon rental time, some include free props, and also recommend a 20% gratuity for a hired attendant.

Video Booth Rental 

A video booth is different from a photo booth in that it lets you capture the video instead of taking a series of photos. You can share these video clips with friends and family, making them a great addition to any wedding. 

On average, you can expect to pay the following $1,750 for up to 3 hours and $350 for each additional hour.

Video booths set your wedding apart as you combine traditional photos with video clips of you and your guests celebrating your big day. 

What You Should Look For In a Photo Booth

When searching for a private photo booth, it's important to consider the following. This will help you as you choose the best booth for your wedding. 

Type of Booth

If you're only looking for a backdrop, some props, a camera, and lighting, then a basic photo booth might be what you're looking for. A basic photo booth, such as the DIY kind, may only cost you a few hundred dollars. 

A spinning photo booth (360 degrees) offers much more than a basic booth and costs roughly $900 an hour. 

Attended/Unattended Booth

An attended photo booth gives your guests assistance with navigating the booth, choosing props, and posing for their photos. Should the machine have any technical issues, the attendant can easily remedy them.

As previously discussed, remember to tip your attendant. 

Printing Photos

It's important to remember that printed photos are typically an additional fee. You'll need a printer with special paper. However, printing photos takes time away from other guests using the machine, and it's easier to receive digital copies of your photos - instantly!

Added Logos

Are you looking to customize your photos? If so, you can add a logo or your monogrammed initials so guests can receive a truly memorable wedding day keepsake. 

You can also include the date of your wedding as part of your wedding day logo. Check out our library of hundreds of photo booth templates.

Mirror Selfies

Another type of photo booth is a mirror selfie photo booth. While these were popular in the early 2000s, they are mostly out of style now. Guests stand in front of mirrors and take photos of themselves, courtesy of the mirror. They'll see what the camera sees are photos are taken.  

Benefits of a Photography Booth

Now that you have an understanding of what a wedding photography photo booth costs, it's important to understand the benefits. Here's why you need one at your wedding.

Personalized souvenirs
Personalized souvenirs


Wedding photo booths provide you and your guests with plenty of additional keepsakes. The newly married couple are usually busy greeting guests and being congratulated, and often miss out on memorable moments from their wedding. But a photo booth provides even more photos for the couple to look back on and cherish. 

Photo booths also provide guests with memorable keepsakes to take home to remember the special day. Photo booths are customizable and come with tons of fun props, so your guests can create truly memorable photos and videos for everyone to keep and remember the day by. 

Extra Entertainment

Your DJ or live band has your guests covered out on the dance floor, but what about the guests that might be too shy to get up and do the Electric Slide? A photo booth keeps all your guests happily entertained all night long. 

Get Social

Some guests may have a hard time socializing, but wedding photo booths give them an opportunity to get up and mingle while creating lasting memories.

They can even share these photos on social media so friends and family who were unable to attend your wedding can immediately see the photos. Traditionally, pictures from hired photographers can take months to get to you, but a photo booth gives you immediate access to your special day. 

Seeing as 4.7 billion people globally use social media, what better time than now to invest in a photo booth for your next event?

Stress-free experience
Stress-free experience

Relax and Unwind

Photo booths give guests a reason to let loose and unwind. They can grab silly props and strike a pose, letting their hair down and enjoying your wedding to the fullest. They might even make some new friends as they jump in for some memorable group photos!

Wedding Favors

Have you ever gone to a wedding, only to notice the wedding favors were left behind by guests or, even worse- the reception hall forgot to give them out? This is not only wasteful, but it leaves the happy couple feeling like their hard work went unnoticed. 

But a photo booth alleviates the need to purchase wedding favors if that's the route you choose to go. Your guests can pop in the booth, take some incredible, memorable photos, and have instant digital access to memories that will last them a lot longer than a beer cozy would. 

Match Your Wedding Theme

You've found matching dresses for your ring bearer and flower girl, and even your grandparents have matching outfits. But what about your entertainment?

A photo booth is an excellent way to enmesh your wedding theme into your entertainment. You can integrate templates and backdrops that perfectly fit with your wedding day theme, making these pictures a customizable keepsake everyone will enjoy. 

How Do Photo Booths Work?

When your guests first approach the booth, they'll commonly find a "tap to start" button. This begins their photo booth session. 

Once they dress up, strike a pose, and take their photos, they're automatically taken to the editing screen. The editing tools they'll find will depend on the tools you've opted to rent for your wedding day. However, the retake button is always available. 

After edits are made, guests are taken to the send page where they're given steps to receive the pictures on their phones or tablets, along with printing them out (if that's an option you've chosen for them).  

Questions to ask about a wedding photo booth rental
Questions to ask about a wedding photo booth rental

Questions to Ask

Before choosing your photo booth, it's important to ask questions about the rental and what to expect. Here are some common questions to consider when selecting the best photo booth for your needs. 

  • Is the vendor available on your wedding day?
  • What comes with the photo booth package?
  • How many hours does the rental last?
  • Is there an attendant?
  • What types of photo booth styles are available for rent?
  • How many people can fit in a photo booth?
  • Are props included?
  • Who sets the photo booth up and breaks it down?
  • Are there examples of what each photo looks like?
  • Are the photos high-quality?
  • Is the vendor familiar with your wedding venue, or have they worked there before?
  • How much space does the vendor need at your reception hall?
  • Is there a gallery of photo booth pictures you can share with guests immediately following your wedding?
  • Does the vendor have commercial & cyber liability insurance?

Once the vendor answers these questions, you can choose your perfect photo booth!

Wedding photo booth rental
Wedding photo booth rental

Photo Booth Rental For Your Wedding Day 

Now that you know what a photo booth rental costs, you can choose the best wedding day photo booth for your needs. Remember that photo booths not only provide guests with plenty of entertainment, but they give you and your loved ones memorable keepsakes from your special day. 

OutSnapped offers the best photo booths for your next event. Contact us today to see how we can make your special occasion a memorable one! We offer everything from virtual photo booths to 360 booths, with plenty of other rentals to choose from. 

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