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Your Guide to Stunning Virtual Photo Mosaics

by Nicholas Rhodes
Last Updated on August 21, 2023
With the rise of virtual and hybrid events, digital space has become an integral part to maintaining audience engagement. From personal occasions like weddings and birthday parties to corporate events like webinars and tradeshows, there’s no doubt that remote interaction feels different; but that doesn’t mean there’s any less opportunity to foster connection and make memories! In fact, the technological world offers unlimited new possibilities to help you and your guests get the most out of your event, and Virtual Photo Mosaics are a fantastic example.

What are Virtual Mosaics? How Do They Work?

A virtual mosaic consists of any number of digital photographs arranged in a way that creates a larger picture. In the context of an event, this bigger image can be anything that pertains to your brand–maybe a logo, mascot, or product–it’s entirely up to you! The smaller images that make up the mosaic come from your attendees as they discover the magic of our Virtual Photo Booth during your event. 

Simply encourage your viewers to hop into an OutSnapped customized  virtual photo booth, and watch in real time as each guest’s selfies help bring the mosaic to life! Not only will this increase your event engagement, but it’s also an amazing way to bring a sense of community and togetherness to each and every participant.
Norton virtual mosaic
Norton virtual mosaic final image
Photo Mosaics for Virtual Events in 6 Easy Steps:
  1. Choose a final image for your mosaic to create. (Our design team is also available to create for you!) Industry favorites are Company Logos and Team Photo.
  2. Fill out our quick mosaic creation questionnaire (delivered via email once booking has been made) to customize the look and feel of your mosaic.
  3. During the duration of your virtual event, your mosaic will populate with user generated photos from our virtual photo booth platform.
  4. Engage your team with live updates, post event recap videos and/or even an animated mosaic that builds in real-time.
  5. Embed the the mosaic on your virtual event platform or even via a video service, like Zoom.
  6. Recap your event by posting the completed virtual event photo mosaic on your socials, share digitally or you can even send printed keepsakes to your team.
Virtual Mosaic Recap Video
Our most popular event add-on of 2020 speaks for itself!
Slow Build Mosaic (No Interactivity)
This mosaic will slowly build over the course of your event. At the end of your event (or a designated time) the mosaic will complete.
NOTE: Mosaic will auto populate with multiples of the same images if needed to fill the mosaic.

Looking for some inspo? Check out photo mosaics on Pinterest

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