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Why a Photo Booth at Your Office Holiday Party is a MUST

by Nicholas Rhodes
Last Updated on August 28, 2023
Holiday themed photo strip
three friends in a Holiday themed photo strip

If the guy from Accounting does something hilarious, but there’s no photo booth to capture the antics, did it really happen?

The most magical time of year is approaching fast, and maybe it’s your task to plan the holiday office party. If so, don’t stress! We know there’s a lot of work involved, but it’ll all be worth it in the end, especially if you do a great job. So whatever you do, keep one thing in mind: Absolutely no party is ever complete without the photo booth. Booking one will take your party from fun to fantastic.


Well, you obviously want your soiree to go down in Holiday Party History with the merry good times you planned.  

Fortunately, OutSnapped is a party in itself, giving your coworkers something exciting to do from the moment the action starts. And as you probably already expect, things always get sillier as the night goes on! Here are reasons you need to #GetOutSnapped with the team this Holiday Season!  

1. The party starts as soon as OutSnapped arrives. Unlimited GIFs, boomerangs, and photos mean a fun, interactive event from start to finish. You don’t have to worry about anyone standing around at the beginning awkwardly wondering what to talk about as things get going.
2. OutSnapped creates amazing custom overlays and green screen experiences, so your photo booth can be perfectly unique to your company’s vibe.
3. OutSnapped comes with fun and friendly booth operators to make sure everything goes smoothly and help you have the best time ever.
4. So many faces fit in a Photo Booth! A hilarious group shot is the best way to get loose and bond with people you spend so much time working with.
5. Everyone loves a great selfie. With OutSnapped, you get an easy to use experience, professional lighting, augmented reality, props, and easy sharing. Your iPhone definitely cannot do that.
  • 5. 04 pm
  • 8. 38 pm
  • 8. 52 pm
  • 10. 17 pm
  • 7. 23 pm
  • 8. 38 pm
6. Does an open air photo booth not seem quite right? We offer traditional photo booths too, complete with a curtain for private masterpiece creation and photo strips that print in seconds. Perfect desk decoration!
7. OutSnapped offers a custom online gallery for each and every event, so you’ll be able to look back on all the hilarity over the holiday break, when you’ll be missing your office fam like crazy.
8. Did we mention we could password protect that gallery because some good times should stay
 9. The social media manager will love you. They’ll have amazing content featuring the whole team’s goofy holiday cheer to share with the w
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10. You’ve always suspected that your boss has a super cool side. The OutSnapped Photo Booth is sure to reveal it.
11. Maybe you’re the boss! Don’t miss the chance to give your team the greatest gift of all: an OutSnapped Photo Booth.
Now that you’re 90% convinced, it’s time to book the booth! Get in touch to check or check availability 
Christmas photo
Christmas themed group photo

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