OutSnapped Scratch Off Contest for Virtual Events

Our Scratch-Off Ticket feature makes for the perfect gamification add-on to any OutSnapped Virtual Photo Booth. It opens up a variety of possibilities for event hosts to reward attendees, encourage event participation and even boost opportunities for potential sponsors

Gamification as a Sponsorship Opportunity:

The scratch-off game feature is the perfect way to incorporate a sponsor with sweepstakes, advertisements. It also adds extra engagement into any virtual gathering, and couldn’t be easier to use! 

Simply invite event goers to hop into your virtual photo booth from any mobile or desktop device where they can enjoy the magic of our digital space. Then, once they’ve shared their selfie, the interactive scratch-off ticket pops up. 

Scratch-Off Game As Engagement Booster:

Guests simply “scratch-off” the virtual ticket to reveal their prize results. Encourage your guests to create more branded content by offering them another chance to win!

Prizes are set entirely by the event host or sponsors and are delivered algorythmically over the span of your event. Prizing can be distributed by percentage or number of prizes available–it’s all up to you!

ice cream man wins scratch off ticket

EXAMPLE: An nationwide ice cream company sponsors your virtual event. They give 10% of all attendees a coupon redeemable for a free pint of their new flavor of ice cream. They also award one lucky guest the grand prize of FREE ICE CREAM FOR LIFE!

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