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11 Reasons Why Every Party Needs a Photo Booth!

by Nicholas Rhodes
Last Updated on August 25, 2023

Whether you’re planning a birthday, holiday gathering, or an anniversary, everyone loves an exciting party.

We all know that not all social gatherings are created equal. Make sure that yours is memorable and lives on in the hearts and social media of everyone in attendance for years to come by booking the OutSnapped Photo Booth.
Bridal party
Women at a bridal party
11 reasons why you absolutely can’t skip the photo booth at your next party.
It would be like skipping the music!
Unless a silent party is your thing? ?
Woman blowing confettis
Woman blowing confettis
1. If a good time occurs in the forest, and no one is around to take a photo for the ‘Gram, did a good time even really occur at all? Questionable!
2. Photo Booths give your guests something to do from the moment they arrive until they leave. Unlimited snaps means unlimited awesome! The first person gets to take advantage of the fact that there’s no line and OutSnap to their heart’s content. We always get set up early, to be ready to go from the starting line of your event.
  3. Don’t fret once a photo booth line queues up as your party gets going! This is a great chance for your guests to make a new friend or catch up with old ones as they plot the awesomeness that’s going to take place when it’s their time to shine.
Outsnapped wedding boomerang
Wedding boomerang
4. You have a super friendly and awesome OutSnapped operator to keep the good times rolling, but you don’t have to worry about being too goofy in front of a real “person” photographer.
5. Our Beautifying Ring Light makes you look fantastic. You get all of the control of a selfie, but there is no way your phone can take a selfie that looks this good. That gorgeous glow will likely break your all-time Like record on your socials.
6. Social media is an exciting place, and everyone loves content that moves. OutSnapped offers all the good stuff: GIFS, video loops, and good old regular photos. Have fun creating as many as you like!
7. You can make the OutSnapped Photo Booth as special as you are. Most aspects are customizable, and you can take advantage of all kinds of creative goodies from overlays, to green screen experiences, to digital props.  
Woman with a parrot in a vacation photo booth
Woman with a parrot in a vacation photo booth
8. Some photo booth experiences are best executed IRL, using creative props and building sets to make the photo booth one of the most exciting parts of your party. OutSnapped is fully capable of helping you realize even your most wild photo booth dreams!
9. Photo booths are more fun with friends. Luckily OutSnapped can fit a bunch of faces! Get the whole gang in there and make memories to last a lifetime.
Gold shimmer backdrop
Animated gif of friends in gold shimmer backdrop
10. Beyond social media, Photo Booth prints ARE still a thing and can make some of the best keepsakes ever!
11. OutSnapped has streamlined the process of sending the photos/GIFs/Boomerangs to your phone or e-mail so you can share quickly and easily. Prewritten caption and an #awesomehashtag can even be included in the email for copy and pasting ease when sharing. Badabing badaboom!   
Couple photo
Couple photo

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