Happy National Doughnut Day From OutSnapped!

by Nicholas Rhodes
Last Updated on November 29, 2022

What’s better than Friday? A Friday that happens to be National Doughnut Day, of course!! We at OutSnapped are wishing you the best one.

We made this special Doughnut Day Photo Booth even sweeter with an illustrated Green Screen plus Animated Overlay, and custom Augmented Reality Props. Anything is possible!

The sprinkles have already fallen on National Doughnut Day, but the best part? OutSnapped can make creative and unique art experiences with our in-house creative team for any occasion. Get in touch to book yours today.
We DONUT know what we’d do without YOU! 
Team OutSnapped
PS: Don’t forget to pop into your favorite local doughnut spot to celebrate today!

Click. Capture.

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