OutSnapped and Magnolia Photo Booth: Better Together

by Nicholas Rhodes
Last Updated on November 29, 2022

You can’t beat the classics, so OutSnapped is now offering the Magbooth: a rad, retro, classic style photo booth experience designed by Magnolia Photo Booth co.

Behind the scenes at OutSnapped, we spend the day in and day out working on new Photo Experiences so we have something that’s perfect for every event and party, or wherever there are great smiles to be captured and shared.
Now, we’re taking things back in Photo Booth Time thanks to a partnership with our friends at Magnolia Photo Booth, Magbooth for short.
The folks at MagBooth are Photo Booth pioneers — Nearly TWO decades ago they created their modernized Magbooth and the rest is history. The Magbooth is a classic photo booth set up you remember from back in the day — one that you can sit in, draw the curtain, make all the silly faces your heart desires, and have your iconic photo strip print in seconds.
Together, Outsnapped and Magbooth have photographed well over a million faces. Magbooth even drove a photo booth van across the USA to capture smiles coast to coast. Now we’ve joined forces to combine what OutSnapped does best with the rad, retro booth style that Magbooth is known and loved for.


With our decade-plus of experience in event photography, we’re on a quest to provide the best of photo experiences, and including the Magbooth in our lineup of offerings is our latest development.  
If Old School Cool is what you’re looking for at your next event, we’ve got you covered in partnership with Magbooth!
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Click. Capture.

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