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OutSnapped Helps Marriott Get the Word Out about New Loyalty Program Through Content Marketing

by Nicholas Rhodes
Last Updated on August 28, 2023

Learn how OutSnapped leveraged experiential photography to create a content marketing awareness campaign for Marriott’s new loyalty program, Marriott Bonvoy.

Marriott bonvoy launch: himeji gardens experience content marketing photo booth

Raising awareness of a new product can be challenging — but it can also be a blast, especially with fun, immersive pop-up photo experiences. And that’s exactly the content marketing tool that Marriott International needed.

By partnering with OutSnapped, the renowned hotel chain was able to create valuable, buzz-worthy content to successfully promote their new rewards program, Marriott Bonvoy.

Here’s the quick lowdown…

The Challenge

Raise awareness of Marriott’s newly combined loyalty program, Marriott Bonvoy.

How We Did It

Working in partnership with Marriott’s creative team, five unique photo experiences were conceptualized and created in five separate locations to “transport” Marriott employees and hotel guests to travel destinations around the world. 


We used digital overlays to brand content created with the new loyalty logos and messaging to boost brand awareness. 

Immediately after the content was captured, users were encouraged to share it directly with major social channels, creating exposure for the program throughout their social networks. 

Photo experience guests were also linked to a content hub where they were able to view the experiences happening in real-time at the other locations.

Content Marketing Stat Recap

5 locations

1,625 pieces of content created (including still photos, animated GIFs, and boomerang looping videos)

1,823 social shares (email, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter)

3,420 faces were photographed (an average of 2.13 people per photo)

144,700 estimated social reach

468,437 estimated total impressions

Marriott bonvoy launch: swiss alps experience

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