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OutSnapped’s Guide to Making Your Event Last Forever

by Nicholas Rhodes
Last Updated on August 25, 2023

Using Photo Experiences To Create Authentic Brand Engagement

Including a creative Photo Experience at your next event is a sure way to get your guests sharing your great new products or services. OutSnapped’s demystifies creating authentic brand engagement in this step by step how to guide.
You’re a brand that has a great new product, collection, or concept. One of the most effective ways of letting the world know is by hosting an event! Creating an immersive experience for VIP customers or potential leads provides an excuse to not only let consumers know about you but also to team up with other brands, influencers, and collaborators to expand your reach.  
An exciting event creates a memorable, lasting impression and makes customers feel included. This feeling of inclusion is hands down one of the most powerful ways to create loyalty for your brand. Combining this with a quality photo experience makes it fun for your guests to be your brand champions, telling their friends and family what a great time and promoting your product along the way.
Moments Can Last Forever
After a lifetime of preparing for your big event launch, you definitely want to make sure that it lives on in the memories (and social medias) of your guests. A photo booth experience (and the resulting amazing content) goes a long way in making it easier for your guests to share a photo instantly — or even in days to come. Your branding is tasteful and clear, and from snap to share, OutSnapped is optimized to make a big social splash for events of all types. OutSnapped takes all of the guesswork out of this process and does the marketing heavy lifting for you.
When guests arrive to the event and see the OutSnapped Photo Booth’s exciting creative setup, you create the idea that they should make themselves seen at your event in order to be a part of the community that your brand has created. Our society craves exciting, appealing visual content to share social media. OutSnapped’s Creative Director, Nicholas Rhodes, has honed his experience by taking more than 1 million portraits in NYC over the past decade to create the ultimate photo booth experience, ensuring that OutSnapped is giving our clients the best
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Man using house of yes virtual booth to create gif
What sets OutSnapped apart?
The way our photos look, for starters. Our Beautifying Right Light gives guests a gorgeous glow, taking a photograph which is both better than they could take on their own yet completely self guided on the OutSnapped Photo Booth. When people have fun creating something that makes them look good, they become infinitely more likely to share it. Plus, everyone loves hamming it up in the Photo Booth, without any judgement from a photographer, and infinite chances to capture your good side.  
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OutSnapped kicks up the fun by adding GIFS, looping videos, digital props, green screen capabilities, and more to the mix. Simply by having the photo booth on site, the value of the activation is infinitely enhanced.Guests can share directly to social networks in real time, but over time we’ve noticed that guests are trending toward taking more time to carefully curate their experience and this is why it’s more important than ever to utilize our invaluable streamlined tools and workflows. The OutSnapped Booth has custom data capture capabilities and all users will enter their email address, creating an automatic remarketing opportunity (our Photo Booth emails have an opening rate of nearly 100%, and can include a call to action) as well as the opportunity to build up contact lists and keep in touch after the event too. You can even collect feedback about your event or product, or client details like birthdays to provide them with special offers. It’s one of the most fun (and least pushy!) ways that you can create this relationship with your customer.
Calvin klein photo booth
Woman holding lipstick in calvin klein branded background

The Fun Goes On and On

Once the guest has sent themselves the photo from the booth, they receive your custom email, which could have a caption all ready to go, including your @Socialhandle and #awesomehashtag to ensure that your carefully developed concepts are getting all of the attention they deserve. This gives your event a potentially unlimited afterlife. It’s proven that user generated content gets the most attention on social from real people — no one wants to feel like they are constantly having products pushed at them aggressively in a digital landscape which is increasingly populated by paid “influencers”. OutSnapped uses the two arts of subtlety and the perfect selfie to help you spread your message loud and proud.  
Finally, to ensure optimal success for your authentic engagement strategy, your brand’s own social media should interact with the content from your event once you see it online. One of the best things about Instagram is it will ping your phone when someone tags your brand in a post, so it will be easy to thank that client with a like or a comment, or even message avid promoters a special discount code to increase likelihood of conversion. In the world of big, impersonal corporations, these human touches can go a long way. You can also post the content from the OutSnapped Photo Booth on your social media too! All of the same benefits apply. It’s thrilling for your customers to see themselves featured on your channels, making them even more likely to tell their friends or make a purchase.
We at OutSnapped hope you’ve found this guide useful. Get in touch to book your OutSnapped Photo Experience today!

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