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Benefits of Roadshow Marketing and How It Affects Your Business

by Nicholas Rhodes
Last Updated on August 25, 2023
Benefits of roadshow marketing and how it affects your business

With the advent of digital marketing, raising brand awareness has never been more critical to business success. Reaching customers has been made easy and efficient by countless digital marketing tools available. This means competition between brands in the same market has become fiercer.

To stand out, a business needs to be more creative and intense in its marketing efforts. If you want to boost your business's digital marketing strategy, you should consider planning a roadshow.

What is roadshow marketing?

Roadshow marketing or just roadshow, is a marketing tool that involves a series of marketing events that help your brand reach target audiences in a nationwide or worldwide scale. Roadshows are effective in increasing brand exposure, giving your business a competitive edge. What differentiates a roadshow from other marketing events is its scale and duration. Roadshows can last for weeks, months, or even years. They aren’t confined to one location, occurring in different cities to ensure a wider reach.

Why are roadshows relevant today?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, roadshows have been sidelined in recent years. But with the worst of the pandemic coming to pass, there is once again a place for roadshows in the marketing scene. The reliance of businesses on digital marketing to reach audiences has created an appetite for more personal marketing techniques. Hence, now is the best time to include roadshows in your marketing strategy.  

Roadshows aren’t a replacement for digital marketing and vice-versa. Both marketing types have a role to play in the success of your business. They are significantly different in their approach, but they can complement each other. You can implement in-person photo booths or even virtual photo booths and other digital-based marketing techniques in your events to spice them up.

It brings your brand closer to your audience
It brings your brand closer to your audience

It brings your brand closer to your audience

The pandemic has shown the importance of virtual events, but there’s still nothing that beats field events in bringing your brand closer to your audience. You can think of roadshows as long-lasting field events that are dialed up to 11. It facilitates face-to-face interaction between your marketing team and your customers. It also provides an effective platform for showcasing products and services.

Roadshows provide an entirely different customer experience as they feel more personal and more memorable. To make the most of a roadshow event, make sure you include ground-breaking content that will have attendees leaving with a smile. You can also enhance the event experience by creating a lively environment through live performances and delicious food. There are endless possibilities with a roadshow, and you can do whatever fits your brand.

Some examples include:

  • Product launches - an opportunity for your customers to experience new products and services personally; also presents a great opportunity for your sales team.
  • Exhibitions - helps give your entire line of products more exposure and educates customers.
  • Brand experience lab - roadshows are perfect for showing your audience what new innovations you have in store.
  • Training center - engage customers by providing in-depth presentations or workshops. For instance, you can provide a seminar on cyber hygiene if you offer cyber security solutions.

Its perfect for your sales team
Its perfect for your sales team

It’s perfect for your sales team

Roadshows are a perfect platform for product launches as they provide everything that your sales team needs. By being on the field, salespeople can do away with the digital channels and interact with potential customers directly, making it easier to build connections with them.

Your sales team wouldn’t need to force conversations as the people present there are most likely interested in whatever’s happening at the event — there will be no shortage of conversation topics. Most of all, conversations that take place during roadshows are less likely to happen in other scenarios. Roadshows create a social environment where conversations can flow freely, giving your sales team plenty of opportunities to work their magic.

It energizes your demand generation efforts
It energizes your demand generation efforts

It energizes your demand generation efforts

Roadshows are fantastic for kickstarting your demand generation campaigns. Unlike other customer acquisition tactics, demand generation prioritizes long-term results. This requires building strong connections with your clientele, which is a lot easier to do in environments such as a roadshow event.  The engaging content you can provide on roadshows, such as workshops and exhibitions, can easily turn a person, who only has a vague idea of your brand, into a loyal customer that will stick with you for a long time.

Launching roadshows is a perfect way of keeping numbers up during times of low demand. One practice you should never forget is to have your sponsor companies advertise the show using their own networks. This can boost your brand exposure even further.


In summary, roadshow marketing allows you to cover the gaps in your other marketing efforts. It brings your brand closer to your target audience and creates a perfect environment for your sales team. When executed properly, roadshows can strengthen your brand’s relationship with your customers and even attract more patrons. If you want to include roadshows in your marketing strategy, it’s advisable to start small. Run shows in your local community before going nationwide or abroad.

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