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Why Photo Booths are a Must-Have for College and University Marketers

by Nicholas Rhodes
Last Updated on August 25, 2023
University of southern california photo booth photo

If you're a college or university marketer, then you know that social media is an important part of your marketing strategy to increase your applicant pool. But what if there was a way to increase your social reach even further?

Murray state university photo booth
Murray State University Used an OutSnapped Photo Booth to Create & Share Student Life On-Campus Activities

If you're a college or university marketer, then you know that social media is an important part of your marketing strategy to increase your applicant pool. But what if there was a way to increase your social reach even further? Photo booths are the perfect solution!

When college students aren't thrill-seeking on their own, they're party-crashing with friends. Whether it's a date night or game day celebration at the stadium or a much anticipated formal - photo booth photos are always a hit! They allow students and staff to share their photos on social media with ease, which helps promote your school and its brand awareness.

In this blog post, we'll discuss the benefits of photo booths and how they can help university marketers achieve their goals.

It's hard to know how to reach prospective students and get them excited about your school. You need a way to show off all that your college or university has to offer in a way that is interesting and engaging.

According to a recent CNBC poll, 63% of Americans between the ages of 12 and 17 used TikTok and 57% are still using Instagram in addition. What does this mean? This means that it's a great way to get your message in front of prospective students.

How Can Your School Create Brand Awareness on TikTok & Instagram Without Paid Campaigns?

Photo booths are the perfect solution! OutSnapped's FutureFoto turns your students into brand ambassadors by creating sharable banded photos, GIFs, & TikTok style videos with your college or university name and logo on them. These interactive photo experiences are loved by students and are a cost-effective way to market your school.

Ryerson University Harnessed the Power of an OutSnapped Photo Booth to Help Graduating Students Create & Share Memories.

Looking for a way to take your college brand awareness and campus events to the next level?

OutSnapped has you covered. With our FutureFoto, you'll get more than just a photo-op - you'll get a whole suite of digital tools to amplify your events online. With our platform, not only will you have a library of user-generated content to share on your own platforms, but students will also share their photos & videos to their own personal social feeds from your campus events, extending the marketing reach of your campus events.

Plus, our Real-Time Slideshow creates an engagement loop at campus events that will not only give students their 15-seconds of fame on the big screens, it will also encourage them to take more photos, which means more social shares.

This leads to an additional round of engagement and social sharing, keeping your college top of mind with current and potential students over an extended period of time.

And with our Virtual Booth feature, you can even design custom selfie backgrounds for an extra dose of fun! So why wait? Get started with Simple Booth today.

Occidental college's mascot oswald the tiger in an outsnapped photo booth photo
Occidental College's mascot Oswald the Tiger in an OutSnapped Photo Booth Photo

How to Use a Virtual or Hybrid Photo Booth to Increase Campus Engagement and Brand Awareness for your College or University

In today's digital age, the use of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok has become an essential part of marketing for colleges and universities. These platforms provide a unique opportunity for schools to create brand awareness, boost recruitment efforts, and engage their current students in new and exciting ways. One particularly effective tool is OutSnapped's virtual photo booth, which allows users to snap selfie photos and videos by simply scanning a QR code call to action at your events or on-campus signage. This content can be posted on social media with a branded hashtag.

By using a virtual or hybrid photo booth, schools can encourage their students to share photos online and thereby increase the visibility of their institution to a wide audience. This could be particularly useful during recruitment fairs and events or on-campus activities where brand awareness campaigns may be running. Additionally, the selfie photos created by OutSnappeds virtual photo booths can be used in marketing materials and even in promotional content on other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

So if you're looking for a fun way to promote your college or university online, consider leveraging the power of a virtual photo booth! It's a smart and proven way to boost brand awareness and connect with your students in creative new ways.

OutSnapped's Best Features for Brand Awareness

  • OVERLAYS & FRAMES: Make sure every piece of user-generated content has your school's branding front and center.
  • AUGMENTED REALITY PROPS & STICKERS: Outfit your photo experiences with Snapchatesque filters. Think about all the cool school merch that's available. Now we can dress up your students using augmented reality!
  • VIRTUAL BACKGROUNDS: Can't be at the big game? No problem! Our Virtual Background feature lets you design a custom background for your photos that can be used anywhere, anytime.
  • INSTANT SHARING: Students will instantly receive their creations via branded emails or text messages. They can share immediately to their favorite social platforms.
  • REAL-TIME SLIDESHOWS: Give guests the chance to see each other's snaps in real-time with our live gallery or play a slideshow of the photo booth fun during your event.
  • MOSAICS RECAP VIDEOS: Bring a photo mosaic to life with virtual photo booth photos from your event! The perfect ending or recap to your virtual event experience, our photo mosaic compiles all your content to create a branded moment or message to attendees.
Occidental College Mosaic Recap Video Includes All of Their Photo Booth User Generated Content and Culminated into a Campus Photo

OutSnapped's Best Features for College & University Staff

By now we can all agree that OutSnapped's photo & video platform PLUS your students are a winning combo for creating infinite pieces of branded content to promote your school. Our platform also has tools built specifically to make your job on campus even easier.

Photo booth analytics
Photo Booth Analytics
  • ANALYTICS: We've covered all your bases to help you create your event wrap reports! We have one analytics & download panel that includes Total Shares, Customized Data Capture Responses, Reach & Impressions Estimates, Advanced Visual Analytics to report demographics information, and more!
  • CONTENT MODERATION: You'll never have to worry about making sure your students are putting their best foot forward because our content moderation panel will hold all content from publishing until a member of your team gives it a thumbs up. If a photo is given a thumbs down, it will never be delivered to the student or appear in galleries.

Our Favorite Photo Booth Use Cases For Schools:

Coco cola on campus sponsored event hybrid photo booth
Coca-Cola on Campus Sponsored Event
  1. School Sports: Students attend sporting events in mass! Help them document their experience, create memories, and of course share their moments across social media platforms using OutSnapped's physical hardware or a JumboTron Photo Moment.
  2. Orientation & Welcome Week: Give every new student a keepsake from their very first days on campus with photos from a photo booth at your Orientation or Welcome Week event. Use virtual backgrounds to instantly place your students around notable places on campus or in front of branded step & repeat backgrounds.
  3. Graduations: Graduation is a once-in-a-lifetime moment! Have an OutSnapped platform integration to help capture these memories or set up a photo booth for your students & their families.
  4. Alumni Events: Keep your alumni engaged by hosting events and inviting an OutSnapped connected photographer to document the event or a photo booth set up to create a physical printed keepsake.
  5. Homecoming: Celebrate Homecoming in style by bringing an OutSnapped photo booth to the big game or pep rally! Have fun props on hand for students to show their school spirit. Design a virtual background that places your students right in the

No matter what the event, as a recap you should always, share photos with all attendees, post to social media channels & of course send follow-up emails with galleries for attendees to relive the experience.

Let's Review

Photo booths are a fun and affordable way to increase brand awareness and encourage social sharing for your college or university. By providing a branded, interactive photo booth experience on campus that encourages social media sharing, you can reach new audiences while reinforcing your message with current students and alumni.

In addition to direct marketing letters, calls, texts, emails, and mailers, for little to no additional cost, you can use the fun atmosphere a photo booth creates to keep students engaged and delighted, spreading word-of-mouth marketing for your school without any extra effort on your part!

Contact us today to learn more about how OutSnapped's Photo Booth platform can help promote your school!

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