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Value of Video Confessionals for Marketing

by Nicholas Rhodes
Last Updated on August 24, 2023
Value of video confessionals for marketing

244.4 million people view videos in the US. Most people have quick access to digital activities, such as social media or YouTube browsing. This means many companies can capitalize on this with video confessionals from customers. 

You may not know how a video confessional can benefit your organization or marketing efforts. If so, you are in the right place. This article will discuss the benefits and help you learn why you need a confessional booth at your next event. 

Keep reading to discover more about this innovative marketing strategy. 

User Generated Video Confessional Shot Using OutSnapped's Virtual Video Tools

What Are Video Confessionals? 

Video confessionals are a marketing strategy that allows companies to use videos from customers who have used the product or service. These videos provide valuable insight into the customer experience. Companies also use them to demonstrate how the product or service has helped customers.

Videos are a quick way to get authentic and honest reviews from customers. This is a great way for companies to get feedback on their services and improve them to provide better customer experiences. It also helps to engage employees and customers alike. 

Who Creates Video Confessionals? 

There are three ways to get video confessionals about your product or service. That is through: 

  • Customers
  • Brand loyalists
  • Employees 

Video confessionals can increase customer engagement. This is because they allow the business to create an emotional connection with its customers. Brand loyalists and customers often create video confessionals to talk about the likes and dislikes of a specific product or service. 

They also allow the customers to get a glimpse into the lives of the employees. This shows them what it is like to work at that company and gives them a feel for the company's culture.


Why Is User-Generated Content a Great Marketing Move?

User-generated content is great for marketing! It gives people a chance to share their thoughts and opinions on a company’s product. It also helps the company get feedback on what they are doing right and wrong, which will help them improve their products.

User-generated content is also beneficial for a business because it can increase leads. It also leads to higher brand awareness and better customer experiences.

Types of User-Generated Content: 

Since this marketing strategy is vital for many companies, there are many forms of user-generated content. Those include: 

  • Images
  • Reviews
  • Live streams
  • Blogs 
  • Videos
  • Social media posts
  • Testimonials
  • YouTube videos 
  • Live streams 

The type of content needed will vary by business. Some businesses will benefit more from videos while others get great traffic from blog posts. The marketing team of your organization will have to test the types to see what works best for your business. 

Benefits of a video confessiona
Benefits of a video confessiona

Benefits of a Video Confessional 

User-generated content is an important part of digital marketing today. People are more likely to trust other people’s opinions than those presented by an unknown entity such as a company’s advertisement or a celebrity endorsement.

User-generated content has many benefits:

  • It is more authentic and it provides a more realistic view of a product or service
  • The content increases customer engagement
  • The feedback can help businesses improve their products and services
  • It helps businesses understand their target audience better
  • It creates brand loyalty and trust
  • It can influence purchasing decisions
  • It's adaptable 

Below, we'll go into detail on some of the top benefits: 

More Authentic

User-generated content is authentic because the user is the one creating it. They are telling their story, and they have a personal connection to it. It’s not just a company trying to sell you something and making up facts about how it will make your life better.

It is more likely to get shared on social media because it comes from someone who actually cares about the topic. This is why marketers are increasingly turning to user-generated content to build their brands.

Use OutSnapped's Video Confessional's tool to Record Product Review Videos

Establish Brand Loyalty

Brands can use user-generated content to establish their brand loyalty. This is by giving their customers a voice and harnessing what they say about them. This helps to build trust with the customer as well as increase their brand awareness.

It is a great way for companies to get feedback from their customers. It also allows customers to share their experiences with other potential customers. This type of marketing gives consumers a voice in the company's product development process, which they may not otherwise have.

Companies can use this information to improve their products and services or to provide customer service. 

Build Trust

Videos are a great way to build trust with your audience. Some people may not want to be the spokesperson for your brand, but they will be happy to share their opinions and experiences with others.

User-generated content is a great aspect of a social media strategy. When users share your company's posts on their own profiles and pages, it helps you organically reach new audiences.

However, you must have a clear understanding of what this type of content is before you start using it. This is because some people may be uncomfortable with their content being shared publicly or with strangers.

Use a QR Code to Launch an Unboxing Marketing Campaign Encouraging Your Customers to Create Branded and Shareable User Generated Videos.

Influence Purchasing Decisions

User-generated content is the most credible type of content because it's real and authentic. This makes it more trustworthy than other types of content. It also provides a sense of community, especially if people can interact with each other on social media or in the comments sections.

When customers feel an emotional connection with another, it makes them feel more strongly about what they are purchasing. Getting videos or testimonials from existing customers is the best way to get new customers! People trust others they can relate with and this leads to more conversions. 


The adaptability of user-generated content is that people can see it from their own point of view and provide their own opinion on the topic. This means that there are many different perspectives on the same issue which makes it more interesting for people to read.

When using videos as a part of your marketing strategy, you have flexibility in how you do so. You can use the videos as part of a social media post or in an omnichannel marketing campaign. Some companies have succeeded in using customer content on landing pages to increase conversions. 

The possibilities are endless when you get creative with the content you get from customers. 

How to get video testimonials
How to get video testimonials

How to Get Video Testimonials: 

You may be wondering how to get more video testimonials. Here are two great ways to increase the amount of user-generated content you have: 

Rent a Video Booth for Your Next Event

Video booths are a great way to not only engage your audience but also generate user content. They can be used as a way to get customer feedback, photos, and videos.

The main advantage of video booths is that they provide an interactive experience for the customer. They can see what the video will look like before they commit to it and can edit their videos. Video booths are also cost-efficient because the footage is already there and doesn't need to be filmed again or edited afterward.

Create a Giveaway or Contest 

A business can use a giveaway or contest to get user-generated content. They can do this by asking for feedback on a product or service. They could also ask for advice on a topic or reviews of their products.

A giveaway or contest can be a great way for businesses to get user-generated content. It's a good idea to make the contest open to everyone, not just people who follow your company on social media. This way you have a better chance of getting quality content from different perspectives.

For your giveaway or contest to be successful, it needs to have some kind of prize that is appealing and relevant to your target audience. The more time you spend thinking about what would be the best prize for your audience, the more likely it is that you'll get quality submissions.

Engage your audience
Engage your audience

Engage Your Audience in a New Way Today 

Now you have a better understanding of what video confessionals are and how to get them from users. We hope you know how beneficial this creative marketing initiative is! 

If you are ready to level up your next event, we are here for you! We have a variety of options available for businesses to rent booths. Not only will you encourage user-generated content creation, but you'll also create a memorable experience. 

Contact us today for more information or a free quote. 


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