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Resurgance of the Vintage Photo Booth and Booth by Bryant

by Nicholas Rhodes
Last Updated on March 14, 2023
Spice up your upcoming event with the hottest trend in town - vintage photo booths! Discover the secret behind the resurgence of photo booth fever and get ready to capture some unforgettable moments. Our ultimate guide has got you covered!

Spice up your upcoming event with the hottest trend in town - vintage photo booths! Discover the secret behind the resurgence of photo booth fever and get ready to capture some unforgettable moments. Our ultimate guide has got you covered!

Ask any event planner, and they will tell you that a photo booth is always a great idea. Photo booths add a ton of fun to any event and allow guests the opportunity to capture the moment together.

The global photo booth industry's expected to reach $730.6 million by 2026, growing at a rate of 11.6 percent since 2020. Even a global pandemic couldn't stop this growing trend.

So what's responsible for the resurgence of the vintage photo booth? Images of celebrities and social media influencers posing candidly in famous photo booths like Booth by Bryant—a booth launched by the famous fashion photographer Bryant Eslava—are partially responsible. But there's more to the return of the vintage photo booth than the ethereal images trending on social media.

Film photo booths offer a fun and intimate experience. They provide instant gratification—a hard-copy memento in the palm of your hand. These days that is a novelty.

This guide will explain the photo booth trend and why you should consider booking a vintage photo booth for your next event.

1889: the first patent for a photo booth is granted to william pope and edward poole in baltimore, maryland. 1925: anatol josepho introduces the first automatic photo booth in new york city. It quickly becomes popular and spread across the united states. 1930s-1950s: photo booths are common in public places such as train stations, malls, and amusement parks around the globe 1960s-1980s: the popularity of photo booths declined as personal point-and-shoot cameras, and instant polaroid photography become more prevalent. 1990s: fully-automated, full-color photo booths that ran on computers came on the market. The booths could print photos within seconds, causing vintage photo booths to lose popularity. 2000s: the rise of digital photo booths using dslrs begins with companies offering them for events and parties. 2017s: the rise of ipad photo booths begins as companies start to offer them for events and parties. 2022s: vintage photo booths show a resurgence in popularity among younger generations, who appreciate film strips' nostalgic and authentic feel. Today: photo booths continue evolving, with many offering digital and vintage film-based options. They are a popular form of entertainment at events and provide guests with instant gratification and personalized keepsakes.
History of the Photo Booth

The History of the Film Booth

The film photo booth has regained popularity in recent years, but its history is rich.

Anatol Josepho, originally from Russia, introduced the old photo booth on Broadway in New York City in 1925. His booth attracted roughly 280,000 during the first six months of its existence.

By 1928 the photo booth trend had spread across North America and Europe. But photo booths gained immense popularity after the 1950s when booth's were mass-produced. Soon, users would be able to operate curtain-enclosed booths without the help of an attendant.

The 1990s brought the advent of automated full-color photo booths that relied on computers to function. The booths could print photos within seconds, causing vintage photo booths to lose popularity.

Vintage photo booths are seeing a resurgence now. The vintage curtain, grainy portraits, and the smell of chemicals create a sense of nostalgia. Whether you're taking wedding portraits or portraits for business, booking a vintage photo booth is a unique choice for your event.

Booth by Bryant and the Return of Photo Booth Trends

Even photo booth trends are now influenced by, well, social media influencers.

The LA social media culture is filled with grainy portraits from photo booths. The images are rare candid moments captured behind the curtain. Often the images are connected to Bryant Eslava.

Eslava is a famous fashion photographer who has worked with American Apparel, Armani Exchange, and Puma. And his latest project, Ethereal Booth by Bryant photographs his famed friends in celebrity portraits.

The booth was recently on-site at award shows, snapping playful images of celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Jaden Smith, Sam Smith, and Kim Petras. Booth by Bryant has also captured images of several social media influencers.

A Viral Social Media Trend

Booth by Bryant is unique in that it is an invite-only booth. Eslava curates his images, posting them to a personal Instagram account for the world to see. As a result, the booth is both exclusive and elusive.

Since being present at recent award shows, social media users have wondered how to recreate Booth by Bryant. Users on TikTok even created a guide on how to achieve the aesthetic themselves.

Eslava's instant portraits were so well received he launched a photo booth filter on Snapchat to meet the demand. But even if users can match the grainy look of Booth by Bryant, they are missing out on the photo booth experience.

Photo Booths Continue to Gain Popularity

Photo booths of all kinds have seen a resurgence in recent years.

More couples have opted to book photo booths for weddings. Photo booths provide a unique experience that is personal and candid. Those posing for photos have little time to prepare before the flash goes off, making the portraits feel fun and authentic.

Photo booths prompt close physical contact with others, and many booths include props. It is exciting for attendees at any event, whether posing in a large group or as a pair.

Corporate event photo booths are also on the rise. Some booths allow for branding to be fastened outside or custom logos and themes to be included on the photo strips. They present excellent marketing opportunities.

Photo booths are fun for people of all ages. Young event attendees long for a tangible image they can hold at their fingertips, and older attendees find photo booths nostalgic. Photo booths capture personalities and record a moment in time extraordinarily.

Photo Booth Refurbishing and Photo Booth Companies

The revival of the antique photo booth trend prompted the development of more photo booth companies.

Of course, most people can't bank on Booth by Bryant showing up for their next office holiday party. That's caused many small companies to launch old fashioned photobooth refurbishing services. Eslava's booth was refurbished by a company called Photomatica and dates back to the 1950s.

These machines feed a special photo paper through a magazine which is exposed to capture an image. The paper is then fed through a development process that works similarly to a "mini darkroom," ready for development in minutes.

To date, Photomatica has built and restored 150+ custom photo booths. Many companies are fixing vintage booths and creating modern photo booths inspired by the classic experience. The booths are available to rent for weddings, parties, and corporate events, but sometimes the booths are available to buy.

Renting a photo booth is the best way to recreate Booth by Bryant and the classic photo booth look. Many modern machines offer a classic photo strip format at the time of printing. Photo booths also provide the classic experience.

Why Rent a Photo Booth for Your Event?

Photo booth rentals are an expenditure event planners won't regret. It adds a fun and interactive experience for event attendees and is suitable for almost any large-scale event.

Companies like Outsnapped offer many perks in their photo booth rental packages. We partnered with Magnolia Photo Booth Co. to offer a vintage sit-in photo booth experience called Magbooth.

By booking a photo booth, event planners can request a vintage look and feel with all the benefits of modern technology.

Here are some of the many reasons you should consider booking a photo booth rental for your next event.


A photo booth provides hours of fun for guests, regardless of the event you are hosting. The idea of crowding into an enclosed space with friends, family, or coworkers for an impromptu photo session excites people.

Many photo booth rentals include a wide variety of fun photo props and backdrops. Guests can get silly and have fun.

Photo booths draw a large crowd—often an endless stream of guests cueing up for their turn. So, you can expect to get the value of your investment.


Many modern photo booths mimic the vintage photo booth experience.

Before booking a photo booth, make sure you ask the right questions. Is the booth in an enclosed curtain-closed space? Does it use a flash bulb?

Will there be timed pauses between frames? Do the photos print onto a photo strip, or are there other formats to choose between?

Asking these questions will help you maximize the photo booth experience for your guests.

Easy Set Up and Takedown

Renting a photo booth eliminates work for event planners.

Photo backdrops and props take time to set up and take down. A rental company will set up a photo booth in record time.

For example, if you rent Magbooth from Outsnapped, our team will show up long before your event. You can rest assured that we will make the most of your rental time.

Photo booth rentals handle takedown at the end of your event, making clean-up easier for everyone at the venue.

Branding & Customization

When you rent a modern photo booth, the options are endless.

You can design a custom photo frame with elements of your invitation or color scheme to add to your wedding portraits. Alternatively, you can include company branding for corporate event photo booths.

Photo booths are an opportunity to create something unique. Guests often take a hard copy of their photos and place them in their fridges, providing great exposure for your brand.

It is easy to customize the experience of a photo booth rental. Most photo booth companies are open to special requests. If you want to include branded or personalized props, a photo booth rental will likely work to accommodate your wishes.

4x6postcard and photo strips
Magbooth prints instantly in black and white or colored photo strips and 4x6" prints

Different Formats

Modern photo booths accommodate versatile formats for photos.

When you book Magbooth, guests can choose between a 4x6 format or a classic 2x6 strip format.

The 4x6 is ideal for large groups, and the 2x6 is better for those posing in pairs. 4x6 strip formats come with a free double print so both guests can take a memento home.

Many machines will offer filter options as well. Magbooth allows you to choose between black and white or color filters.

Instant Gratification

Photo booths print quickly, allowing guests to have fun without requiring too much time.

Vintage photo booths print in under five minutes—Booth by Bryant prints in 2 1/2 minutes. Modern photo booths can print in under 10 seconds. Event planners won't need to worry about a line wrapping around the dance floor—these machines are fast.

Professional Assistance

Photo booths use a complex and technical process to work. A technical glitch can interrupt your rental period and impact your event.

That's why you should have an experienced expert on hand. Photo booth rentals are accompanied by trained attendants, much like the original photo booths.

An attendant ensures the photo booth operates smoothly and provides immediate support when required. They understand the engineering involved in the photo booth and can make adjustments.

Attendants are a lot of fun and add positive energy to your event. They provide guests with creative ideas for their photos while ensuring nothing cuts into the time you have booked and paid for.


Photo booths are portable and easy to transport to almost any location.

Whether you are setting up a booth for your in-law's anniversary party at a banquet hall or hoping to add a booth to your interactive art party in a confined space, a photo booth comes to you.

But be aware that some regions and dates, like holidays, come with an additional charge.

Online Gallery

Modern photo booths also offer online galleries, making them relevant to even the youngest guests at your event.

Online galleries include every photo taken in the photo booth during your event. As an event organizer, you can veto and eliminate any image you don't wish to share with other guests.

Once you have edited the online gallery to your standards, you can share a link to the gallery with everyone who was in attendance. You can also download files directly through a secure online gallery system.

You can also order reprints, which is an exciting option for guests who were unable to take a hard copy home with them during the event.

Coffee Table Book Option

If you book Magbooth through Outsnapped, you can buy a beautiful coffee table book. The book includes portraits from the photo booth rental experience.

Photo booth portraits are a fantastic way to capture the spirit and vibe of your event. Portraits capture guests in a way that is candid and intimate.

The coffee table book is a beautiful souvenir to keep. It provides a unique alternative to other photo albums. You will enjoy flipping through the pages for years to come.

Embrace the Photo Booth Trend

Using photo booths has been a popular pastime for more than half a decade. Now, the classic esthetic created by Booth by Bryant and viral photo trends have caused the photo booth to rise in popularity once again.

The curtain-enclosed photo booth experience is here to stay. Photo booth rentals provide guests with a one-of-a-kind experience that is fun, efficient, and memorable.

If you're considering booking a photo booth for your next event, Magbooth could be perfect for you. Contact our team at Outsnapped today for a quote, and let's plan an event your guests will never forget!

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