What Is a Glambot and Why Should I Book One for My Event?

by Nicholas Rhodes
Last Updated on August 25, 2023
Glambot red carpet cinema studio by outsnapped

Around 500 to 600 people attend the Met Gala each year. However, millions of people will spend the days following the event discussing the outfits that were on display. This is the power of social media and the modern world’s interest in flashy pictures and videos. 

However, people want to see more from these types of events. This has led to new and creative ways in which media is captured. The most advanced and impressive of these ways to capture media is with glambots. 

But what is a glambot? How can it help elevate your next event? Read on to find out the answer to these questions and more!

Outsnapped glambot
Capture the moment with a glambot high spped cinema capture

What Is a Glambot?

At its most basic, a glambot is a high-quality camera attached to a robot arm. This camera is then pointed at the subject of the video. While this may sound simple, the entire system is complex but is worth it in the end. 

The robot arm controls the camera in a precise and stable way. It can be programmed to move in unique patterns to produce unique videos. These videos can then be edited in elaborate ways, particularly in using slow motion to highlight certain points. 

When it comes to the subject, very little is required of them. They simply need to strike a pose and allow the camera to do its work. This makes a glambot helpful in capturing videos that take little time to film but that still look impressive. 

In addition, a glambot is able to film a space that accommodates multiple people. This allows it to capture small groups, if necessary. 

Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga, Mindy Kaling, Nikki & Brie Bella and more stars strike fierce poses for the E! Glambot camera on the red carpet!

What Kinds of Videos Does a Glambot Create?

Have you ever seen a video like this? A celebrity is standing on a red carpet as the camera starts to zoom in on their outfit. Then, the celebrity twirls, the camera drops in for a close-up, and the video shifts to slow motion, all at once. 

This type of video has become more and more popular for red carpet debuts and other events. One can find these types of videos all over Youtube, Instagram, and other forms of social media. This type of video is also the type of video made possible by a glambot. 

The glambot’s robotic arm moves in order to create dynamic video. Then, this video is edited to perfection. The result is a type of media distinct from videos taken by photographers or pictures taken inside a photo booth

Outsnapped's cinema studio glambot captures high-speed videos of event attendees which are instantly viewable by event attendees
Outsnapped's cinema studio glambot captures high-speed videos of event attendees which are instantly viewable by event attendees

What Makes a Glambot Unique?

So, a glambot is a camera setup that shoots impressive videos. You may be wondering what makes this setup so much more unique than other setups out there. Well, there are plenty of ways in which a glambot stands out.

High-Quality Video

The high quality of the camera in a glambot allows it to record videos that already stand above most other videos out there. These videos use high-definition recording to capture every little detail of their surroundings. Because of this, they are perfect for capturing every little detail of an outfit or small expressions on a person’s face. 

The ability to shoot these videos already requires a powerful camera but to shoot them in slow motion requires an even more powerful camera. A regular camera only needs to shoot around 24 frames per second. However, in order to create slow motion, far more frames are necessary. 

This requires a camera that is able to do both. The camera needs to capture a ton of frames per second and needs to capture these frames at a high level of quality. This is why the advanced camera in a glambot is critical. 

Robotic Excellence

The robot arm allows the camera to capture views that would otherwise be impossible. The arm can start up higher than a person could normally reach before sweeping down to a more normal height. It can also flip upside down or change direction in another way, if necessary. 

All of this is also done without errors that would be present if a human was recording. Robotic arms have reached the point where they are being used to conduct complicated and delicate surgeries. So, a robot arm used to film a video will shake far less than any human arm ever would. 

Plus, this is all accomplished at tremendous speeds. A human will struggle to keep a camera steady normally and will struggle even further to keep a camera steady while it is being moved. Meanwhile, the glambot’s robot arm will have no trouble moving from a subject’s shoes to their head almost instantly. 

Altogether, the robot arm allows a glambot to stand out even further. It allows for impossible angles, perfect precision, and quick speeds. All of this makes for an even more dramatic and stunning video. 

What Events Could Use a Glambot?

Now that you understand what a glambot is and what it does, you may be wondering what events should use a glambot. While many events could benefit from a glambot, there are a few events where it contributes more than others.  

Outsnapped's cinema studio glambot captures high spped videos of event attendees
Outsnapped's cinema studio glambot captures high spped videos of event attendees

Events Where Outfits Are Important

There is a reason that red carpet glambot videos are so popular. A glambot on the red carpet is particularly good at creating stunning videos that highlight an individual’s outfit. 

With a glambot video, elegant gowns, perfectly tailored suits, and glittering jewelry are all in the spotlight. The glambot even has the capability to focus on specific elements of an outfit or a specific accessory on display. Plus, editing allows the videos to slow down when an outfit is flourished or when an individual strikes a pose. 

This makes it perfect for making designers happy. When a designer has an outfit on the red carpet, they want everyone to see all of their outfit’s positive features. The video created by a glambot does this. 

This is why a glambot is sometimes referred to as a red carpet robot. It is the perfect accompaniment to literally any event where a red carpet is a fixture. 

Events With Elite Clientele

There is another reason glambots make such a splash on the red carpet. This is due to the celebrity element. 

Any event with an elite clientele needs to find a way to make the event memorable. This is the case whether these individuals are celebrities, public figures, or business leaders. No matter what the event, as long as famous people are there, everyone will care. 

However, the elite clientele is present at plenty of different events. They attend movie premieres, awards shows, fundraising banquets, benefit concerts, and much more. With this mass of events out there, it is even more important to make a specific event stand out. 

This is where the glambot comes into play. The glambot creates a unique experience that lasts forever and has the ability to be shared across all social media. It promotes the event while also allowing it to stand apart. 

If people see amazing glambot videos of their favorite actors attending the Oscars, these videos will be shared and will drum up interest in the Oscars. Meanwhile, if other awards shows neglect to use a glambot, they may end up generating far less buzz on social media. 

Business Promotion

A business event is very different from the other options on this list. However, a glambot for your event has the potential to help a business just as much as it would help any other event. 



Imagine setting up a glambot in the middle of Times Square and filming the entire process. The event will instantly draw a massive crowd that will immediately begin talking about the event. 

Then, as attendees are given the chance to film glambot videos, they can hold your company’s products or logos. When these videos are shared, your company’s brand is at the center of them. This has the potential to be the basis for an entire marketing campaign with an impact that will last forever

Elite trade shows are another great location for a glambot to shine. At a trade show, a company needs to stand out from the other companies. Often, this happens by providing a unique experience. 

A glambot provides this experience. Any person who takes a video with a glambot will remember the experience and remember the company that provided it. 

Using a Glambot for an Event

A glambot can seriously elevate your next event. The media captured by the glambot is unique and memorable in a way that stands out from everything else. This makes it the perfect addition to many different types of events. 

If you want to hire a glambot for your next event, make sure to contact Outsnapped to see what options are available for you!

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Glambots

What Is a Glambot?

Outsnapped's cinema studio glambot captures high spped videos of event attendees

Commonly found on the red carpets of high-end events, the glambot is a high-definition cinema camera attached to a high-speed robot arm that captures slow-motion video of event guests. The robot is used to move the camera in unique angles and directions while still capturing precise and stable video. These videos can then be edited in elaborate ways, particularly in using slow motion to highlight certain points.

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