Is it even a party if there are no holiday photo booth props? We’ve compiled a list of fun Christmas and Hannukah props that are super fun and won’t break the bank.

Planning a holiday party requires LOTS of time and energy: sending invites, picking out your most festive ugly sweater, cocktail shaking, cookie decorating … and so on. But as long as the guests are getting festive and having a blast, all the details are well worth it.

You’ve booked your photo booth, now it’s time to throw in some props to take your photo booth to the next level. With the right props, you’ll turn your party into one giant photoshoot that will rack up the likes in-person and online post-event!

PRO TIP FROM OUR RESIDENT PROP MASTER: “The more fun your holiday photo booth props are, the more your guests are going to want to wear them on and off camera! Instead of spending your party asking your guests to keep the props in the photo booth area, we suggest purchasing enough of the below that your guests can stay festive after they’ve snapped their photo.” ~ Nicholas Rhodes (OutSnapped Founder & Creative Director)

Holiday Photo Booth Prop Christmas Novelty Glasses

Eleven of our Favorite Holiday Photo Booth Holiday Props To Fill Your Holiday Photo Booth With Cheer:

Holiday Photo Booth Prop Christmas Tree Hat

1. Christmas Glitter Glasses (set of 12)

2. Christmas Novelty Hats (Includes tree at, Christmas elf felt hat with small jingle bells, red plush Santa hat, coil hat, Santa pants hat, and sequin Santa hat)

3. Holiday Headbands (Includes Reindeer, Santa Claus, Santa hat, Christmas tree headbands, and more. set of 12)

4. LED Light Up Bulb Necklace (set of 4)

5. Lightup Reindeer Headbands (set of 4)

6. Menorah Hanukkah Glasses (set of 6)

7. Dreidel Hanukkah Headband Boppers (set of 8)

8. Happy Chanukah Plush Hat

9. 2022 Glasses (set of 20)

10. Inflatable Oversized Ornaments 

11. Wooden Snowflakes (set of 3)

Never Enough Photo Booth Props?

.. And now that you’ve sorted your holiday photo booth props, don’t forget that no party is complete without a set of non-denominational traditional photo booth props! This pack includes some of the most popular photo booth props perfect for ANY party: Viking Horns, Royal Crown, Pirate Hat, Sultan Hat, Pink Wizard, Sassy Pink Sequin Fedora, Beer Goggles Glasses, Alien Sunglasses, Heart Glasses, Donut Glasses, GIANT Glasses and of course, Googly Nerd Glasses.

With 48 Different Combos, There’s a Fun Disguise For EVERYONE!
A wizard in beer goggles, alien pirate, or hearts peeking out from beneath a sequined fedora. Imagine how many unique looks YOUR guests can make with the 12 Piece Snap Happy Photo Props Pack! And unlike some props you’ve seen today, what you see here, is exactly what you get, because no one likes a party pooper!

With 12 of the ‘Most Wanted’ Wearable Props
Set of 12 Selfie Props. Googly Eye Glasses, Funny Hats and Party Glasses Photobooth Props. Picture Costumes Also For Sweet 16, Wedding, Graduation and Birthday Party Supplies

Need more Holiday Photo Booth Inspiration?

Still, looking for some more holiday photo booth props inspiration? Head over to Pinterest for some more DIY Holiday Photo Booth Props & Ideas!