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Set Up a Photo Booth Rental Your Guests Will Never Forget

by Nicholas Rhodes
Last Updated on August 24, 2023
Set up a photo booth rental

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we celebrated for the past two years. No event suffered more than those of hopeful couples who planned their wedding ceremonies and receptions. An estimated 96% of couples were forced to alter their wedding plans as a result. 

Now that events can continue as usual, having a unique experience to offer party guests is key for a successful and memorable event. With the holidays right around the corner, a photo booth rental or video booth rental can help you take your event to the next level. The search term "photo booth rental" has experienced a 22% increase, an average of 50,000 searches each month.

If you're planning a wedding, party, or other event and want to know how a photo booth rental or video booth rental setup can enhance your party, then keep reading below for more information. 

Incorporate Decorative Balloon Arches

Modern baby shower decorations. Gender neutral colors. Balloon arch
Modern baby shower decorations.
Gender neutral colors. Balloon Arch

A photo booth rental lets your imagination run free and allows you to customize your photo frames and backdrops. One way you can achieve this is by using balloon arches in your photo booth background.

Balloon arches bring out the kid in everyone. What could be better than to feature a fun and decorative balloon archway in your photos? Everyone at your event will be dashing over to pose for photos at your wedding or holiday party. 

Interspersing balloon arches with small and decorative light strings will add a layer of festive lighting to your photo booth pictures. Use plain white colored lights for a more traditional style effect or use color-change light strings to change up the color effects with each shot.

Balloons can also be customized in different color schemes and shapes. You can create a rainbow of colors or use a solid white palette for a more classical look. 

Use photo booth custom backdrop
Use custom photo backdrops

Use Custom Photo Backdrops

Your photo booth rental will also benefit from the use of a custom photo backdrop. For wedding parties especially, having the date and the name of the couple on the backdrop will instantly help you and your party guests identify which event the photos are from. 

Not only that, but having a custom photo backdrop lets you create a memorable wedding or party keepsake. You can make your own backdrop or have one professionally printed, depending on your level of artistic inclination. You could even use the power of green screen for a one of a kind photo booth experience.

In addition to instantly shareable digital files, you can also add a instant printing station
In addition to instantly shareable digital files, you can also add a instant printing station that prints classic 2x6" photo strips or 4x6" images

Offer Photo Favors to Guests

Another unique aspect of a photo booth rental is that it serves as a form of event entertainment as well as a way to make photo favors. If you use a photo booth that has the option for guests to print out a photo strip like the old-school vintage photo booth, you can let guests turn these photos into keepsakes of the event. 

Set up a table with photo favor items like keychains. Guests can take their favorite photo and slip it into a photo strip book mark sleeve or a keychain holder for an instant party favor. Other items could include a blank photo cube, magnet, coaster, or miniature photo strip frames for guests to display their favorite photos. 

Photo booth photos make wonderful photo favors for guests, so make sure you give them something memorable to put their photos in.

Display Signage to Guide Guests

Events like weddings and parties can be fun, but guests may not be aware of where certain places are located, especially in an unfamiliar environment. To guide guests to areas like your photo booth rental, you should display the proper signage. Post signage directing party guests with arrows pointing to the location of your photo booth.

For camera-shy guests, it's best to place your photo booth in an area where they may not be immediately visible to other party guests. This will ensure that they can still partake in the fun without being so self-conscious. Also, remember to properly light your signs so they can be seen at night. 

Placing the proper signage means that all of your guests can partake in the photo booth fun. 

Set Up a Tent for Outdoor Events

Outdoor parties can be fun, but you need to take into account sudden weather changes. High winds, rain, and cold weather can quickly take the fun out of your events if you don't have a backup plan. This also goes for your photo booth rental.

It won't do your party any good if your photo booth suddenly gets rained on. Having a designated tent set up for your photo booth ensures that the fun will go on, even if your outdoor event doesn't go through as planned. Include space heaters to keep guests comfortable during cold weather.

If your contingency plan involves moving the reception into a building in case of inclement weather, make sure that you also include your photo booth in this plan as well.

Promote the event on social media with a custom hashtag
Promote the event on social media with a custom hashtag

Create a Custom Event Hashtag

A big trend with modern events and parties is the creation of a custom event hashtag. For a wedding, in particular, it has become a tradition for a couple to come up with their own wedding hashtag. This makes it easier for them to find photos of the event posted on social media later on. 

A wedding hashtag is usually an inventive combination of the couple's last name or first names together. It can rhyme or just be a catchy way to remember the event. For example, "#Steve_and_BreeMeant2B" or "#Katy_and_Drew2022" With over 153.6 million active Instagram accounts in the U.S. alone, hashtags are a great way to share photos of the event.

Have a sign next to your photo booth that tells guests what hashtag to tag these photos with when they share them on their social media pages. Many modern digital photo booths even offer the ability to share the photos directly to social media. 

Integrate Your Theme Into Your Photo Booth

This holiday create a 360 video booth inside of a let it snow globe
This Holiday Create a 360 Video Booth
Inside of a Let It Snow Globe

Weddings and other events often follow a set theme. You can also customize your photo booth rental to reflect this theme as well.

If you have a 1950s-themed party, you can take your event to the next level by adding a 1950s pink Cadillac to your photo booth experience. Imagine the excitement on your guests' faces when they see that they can actually take pictures while posing in or around a real 1950s car.

If you're planning a holiday party, set up a sleigh with a team of reindeer, or a giant snow globe for your guests to take photos with. Or have a Grinch character available to interact with your guests for photos.

Make your photo booth a fun extension of your event. Your only limit is your imagination. 

Add creative photo booth props
Add creative photo booth props

Add Creative Props

Of course, another fantastic way to make your photo booth rental memorable is by offering guests creative photo props to use. Tailor your prop selection to fit your theme.

For a Halloween party, you can have a box of assorted masks and wigs for guests. If you're planning a holiday party, putting holiday props like reindeer antlers, mistletoe, and lumps of coal will offer your guests some amusing props for photos.

Digital augmented reality photo booth props
Create augmented reality digital photo booth props

A digital photo booth rental even offers the ability to use custom virtual props that display on the screen with each photo. There's no need to worry about a shortage of ways for guests to interact and have fun. 

Place a Photo Box Next to Your Photo Booth

For a wonderful spin on traditional photo methods, let your guests share their photos with you through a photo box. If you opt to let guests print out physical copies of their photos, place a photo box on a table near the photo booth set up. Instruct guests to place some of their photos in this box.

At the end of the night, you'll have a box full of photo memories supplied by the guests themselves at your photo booth rental. The party hosts can then go through the box later on to see these pictures.

This is a fantastic way to relive and experience the night through the eyes of your guests. It also gives you memorable photo souvenirs.

Photo booth scrap book
Photo Booth 2x6" Strip Guest Book

Make a Photo Guest Book with Signatures

Guest books are a standard for parties and other events to track guests. They are especially important for weddings to remember who was in attendance for your special day. But rather than just offering a book with lines and signatures for your event, put out a photo guest book

This photo book doubles as both an event scrapbook and a guest book in one. Have guests take a photo at the photo booth rental station and print it out. Then, have guests place it into your designated photo book along with their names.

You'll have guest photos and a record of who attended. Years later, you can look back fondly at your party and still put faces to those names for the guests at your event. 

Turn Photo Booth Photos Into Photo Garlands

Another great way to use and display photo booth photos at your events is to turn them into photo garlands. Have an area of your event space decorated with twine or ribbon. Add photo clips or decorative clothespins to these lines.

When guests receive their printed photos, they can take one off and attach it to one of these clips. As the night goes on, guests can come to this area and view photos of the night. It's a great way to see the creativity of the party guests and also serves as a fun topic of discussion.

When the event ends, guests can take photos with them as a souvenir or leave them for the party host to keep.

Include a Decorative Sitting Area

While your guests are dancing and possibly drinking the night away, they may want a quiet space to sit and escape from the rest of the festivities. Your photo booth rental area can be the perfect place to pose for some photos and unwind a bit. 

Put in some comfy chairs and sofas like a decorative living room setup. Your guests will appreciate the thought that they can have a place to go. You can also include a sitting area where guests can comfortably wait their turn for the photo booth area. 

When your guests are more relaxed, they will be more open to taking photos at your photo booth. It will also show your guests that you have thought of and value their comfort.

Consider a 360º Video Booth Rental

360 photo booth rental
360 Degree Video Booth Rental

If a single photo is worth 1,000 words then just think what your guests will say when they see a 360º video booth at your party. A video booth offers your guests a one-of-a-kind experience that is certain to make any event a truly memorable one. 

Guests can step inside the ring where a special set of cameras circles around them. This creates a moving action shot of each guest for a totally immersive and interactive experience. Each guest can have a styled slow-motion high-resolution video of themselves twirling, dancing, or posing from every angle.

They can share this video with friends and family or on social media. A 360º video booth lets your guests be a part of the action with their own action mini fashion photoshoot. 

Utilize multiple photo booth options
Utilize multiple photo booth options

Utilize Multiple Photo Booth Options

In 2022, an estimated 54,400 photos are taken every second. Depending on your event budget and the size of your guest list, you may want to offer multiple photo booth options for your event so that everyone has a chance to have some photo fun.

For example, you could choose to have both the 360º photo booth option along with a traditional style photo booth. Or you could offer your guests two digital photo booths to cut down on the number of people waiting in line to take pictures. 

There's also an option to have a mobile photo booth that travels around the party directly to your guests. An attendant holds up a portable photo booth with a ring light. It offers many of the same photo booth features like GIFs and AR props. 

You can mix and match photo booth rental options to meet your event needs. 

Create Memorable Events with Photo Booth Rental Options from OutSnapped

When you rent a photo booth, you're offering your party guests a way to interact, share memories, and have fun all with a single device. It can take ordinary events and make them extraordinary. 

If you're looking for a way to wow wedding guests, OutSnapped can help. Photo booth options from OutSnapped can give you just what you need to make your next event engaging and memorable. 

Contact us today for your photo booth rental or video booth rental quote. 

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